How Yung Rlo Transitioned Into The Music Industry After His Success On YouTube

Founded by a few college students back in 2005, YouTube has taken the internet by storm ever since its initial appearance. The video hosting website has provided influencers from all over the world with the ability to release videos and build fan bases accordingly. One influencer who has taken advantage of the “modern time machine” is Yung Rlo.

Yung Rlo first became popular back in 2018 for his viral YouTube videos that incorporated pranks and short skits.  After steady growth on the platform, Yung Rlo decided to switch his focus to music in 2019. He made his debut to all streaming platforms the same year, releasing a single titled “So Sick.”

As time passed, Yung Rlo began releasing music more frequently, becoming known in the YouTube community as an artist. His music was featured in videos with popular bloggers and online personalities, leading active users to wonder who he was. The curiosity has led to thousands of social media followers and an unbreakable bond between an artist and his fan base.

Rlo has comr out hot in 2021, releasing 5 new singles so far. His quick start has excited his followers, peaking interest in his new releases. As an independent artist, Yung Rlo has amassed over 100K+ views on his videos.

Yung Rlo has been working hard to craft his own sound ever since he switched up his game plan. The musician mixes and masters his own music, honing the skills he learned while attending music school in LA.

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