Hudson Shapiro Says Passion is the Key to Business Success

Global trends over the past several years have shown more and more shoppers migrating online, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the number of Americans purchasing their most important goods from their smartphone or computer.

A recent global study from Selligent showed that one-third of shoppers (36%) are making purchases online on a weekly basis. Statistics like these have driven a push from retailers to establish consumer shopping channels online, allowing their businesses to continue to thrive. 

Others, like entrepreneur Hudson Shapiro, find themselves in an ideal position to continue doing business, having already been firmly established in the online world. At only 18 years old, Shapiro brings years of experience to his businesses. He is the co-owner of Luciawellness, a company focusing on the many benefits of sea moss.

A Deeper Look 

Along with Luciawellness, he helped found the company Dupuytrensco. Dupuytrensco is a family-run company dedicated to helping spread the word about alternative treatments for Dupuytren’s Contracture, a hand deformity that causes gradual thickening and tightening of tissue under the skin in the hand.

This condition is front of mind to Shapiro and his family, as his father was diagnosed and began to seek an effective treatment. His company worked to create a natural and effective topical-based solution and now have found a formula that has customers raving.

Passion Drives Success

When speaking about his business success, one of the things Shapiro talks a lot about is passion. When he first started in the business world roughly 7 years ago, he had the opportunity to try his hand in several different areas. His experiences allowed him to find the areas that he was truly passionate about and used that as a driving force to build his business path. By choosing a business that you care about, you are naturally more inclined to put in the hard work to see it succeed. 

When speaking about if he sees himself diverting his course again, Shapiro replies, “I would only switch directions if I lost passion for what I am doing or the market shifted where I needed to make a drastic change in the business in order to ensure the company’s survival.” 

Online Adaptation

While Shapiro was fortunate to have created a solid foundation online from the beginning, many businesses find they are needing to get into the marketspace now and gain ground. Once the basics of setting up an online retail space have been established, it is imperative to learn how to successfully run that company.

It is important to pay attention to your marketing channels, making sure you are utilizing the proper avenues to reach your client base. Diversity in advertising spaces can help reach consumers and stand out in a saturated environment.

Paying close attention to your business needs and research to find how those before you have found success with similar company models. Seeking help from a resource like Shapiro can be a wise investment for those looking to make changes to their current business model or start fresh.

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