Hudson Wave Is Prepared To Take His Career To New Heights

Currently residing in Burlington, ON, Canada is a rising talent in the hip hop industry who goes by the name of Hudson Wave. Wave, who has been homing in his skills over the course of the last couple of years has a unique sound that is a culmination of both the RnB and Rap genres. This distinct sound is inspired by artists such as 6lack, Mac Miller, The Weeknd, J Cole, and a few others who Wave hopes to one day join atop the music industry.

With the goal of being one of the biggest artists in music, Hudson’s evolution of infusing rap into his already melodic-based sound has allowed him to introduce another element that many artists in the game today are not capable of.

The union and extended range of his talent is second to none and his tonal energy allows him to express a multitude of emotions while telling different stories. He’s challenging boundaries and emerging out the other side, paving the way for following in his footsteps like he once did.

“When people listen to my catalog, I want them to be inspired to be their best self, I want people to contemplate the emotions I talk about and see if they can draw parallels with their own life, because songwriting for me is therapy, so if I can genuinely help even just one person go through some real-life trauma then that’s mission accomplished,” says Wave.

Inspiring others and sharing his experiences through his music, Hudson Wave has been able to captivate fans early on with his message and delivery of each track. For those who are fans of his work, there is some good news.

Wave has been working on a handful of different projects recently and ensures his fans that he has new music coming in the summer of 2021. He is letting his album “Midnight Blue,” which he just released breathe for a bit, but is eager to put out more for his fans.

Driven to accomplish his goals and provide the best quality music for those that support him, Hudson Wave has a strong head on his shoulders. If he continues to go down the path that he is currently on, it will only be a matter of time before he joins those who once inspired him at the top of the music world. Be sure to stay tuned in for any news on Hudson Wave as you’re not going to want to miss out on the rise of this young artist.

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