Humza Lokhandwala’s Values To Reach Mountains

Our values define us and our journey. When we have certain beliefs or values, we have a perception towards life. We see life through a kind of filter. Now the quality and content of the values matter a lot. Our belief system shapes our behavior.

Any maladaptive belief or thought can lead to an unwanted behavior in the society which can be detrimental to the society as well as the individual himself/herself.

Our thought patterns and perception of life should be shaped in a manner that helps us lead our life efficiently and effectively without harming anyone around us. Humza Lokhandwala considers that one’s values, beliefs and character traits form a reality.

A reality which needs to evolve at every new level of the game of life and a reality in which you will receive what you give. He thinks that be it any field or way of work, these three things are utmost important to create the foundation and strongly sway through the challenges. 

One very interesting value that Humza Lokhandwala holds is of not having regrets. He thinks that his past has shaped him to be who he is today. He is completely against dwelling on his past for the negative instances on which he barely has any control.

He thinks that it’s a mere wastage of time to go back negative spiral and regret his choices. Humza Lokhandwala is a risk- taker and is most of the times willing to take a risk and give his best by not thinking much of the consequences.

He knows that he has worked hard and tried his best, rest should be left to fate. But if he won’t try, he won’t ever know if that thing was worth his effort or not. So rather than being in this uncertainty, he wishes to know what it is like by entering that zone. 

Currently, his top 3 values are Growth, Integrity, and Playfulness. He considers growth to be an essential part of his life. Whatever he does, he expects that there is some positive change in him from the time he started off.

This change can be as gradual as possible but should be evident and should bring some difference in his lifestyle. The value of growth motivates you to not look back and move ahead with avidity to conquer that’s beyond your imagination. His second value is that of integrity.

Being honest and true to oneself and others always saves you from trouble. This honesty pays you well in the long run. It gives your character a beautiful and respectful identity. It’s with honesty that one can win trust, and reach pinnacles. All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

Dullness is never welcomed if you want to reach the top. It’s important to break the shackles of monotony and bring some fresh and vivid change in life by doing something different than you usually do. That’s how you carve a balanced and beautiful life. 

These values when combined together create an equilibrium that is enough in itself to progress. It is through these beliefs that Humza Lokhandwala has been able to come this far. We are so happy to see him count every moment of his life and we wish that he gets more and more opportunities to practice his values 

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