Hunter Cohen Shares how he Became a Rising Star in the World of Photography

Many people refer to photography as visual poetry because photos reveal more than just the visual characteristics of any particular subject. Photographers are silent poets who are able to convey a huge degree of emotions through their camera lenses. Hunter Cohen is one such professional photographer who has worked in the field of photography since he was 14.

Born in 2000, Cohen was brought up in Voorhees, New Jersey. Even in the earliest days of his youth, Hunter had an interest in more creative activities; at first, he aspired to be a professional DJ, and actually managed to perform at several events between the ages of 12 and 14.

At the age of 14, however, this all changed when an event promoter that Hunter had previously worked with gave him a new camera and asked him if he wanted to try filming a wedding video.

As soon as he received the camera, he knew that photography was his true calling. Hunter and the promoter went on to form a wedding cinematography company together, which gave him the opportunity to really hone his photography skills.

Today, Hunter is a celebrated photographer living in Los Angeles who has made a name for himself with his exceptional photography and cinematography skills.

He has worked with a variety of well-known artists, musicians, and brands, and has helped them create killer content with his refined sense of visual aesthetics. Hunter’s ability to take photos that feel professional yet candid has helped artists and brands to better connect with their audiences.

However, this success did not always come easily to Cohen; he had to work hard every day to support his art. Despite the fact that he had the beginnings of a solid career going at the age of 14, he still found himself struggling with financial problems, and he dropped out of high school at 17 to focus completely on his career.

Hunter then went on to an alternative program to obtain this high school diploma. That program was called The Work Group, located in Pennsauken, NJ. It has only been within the last 4 years that Hunter has been able to pursue photography as a full-time job.

Hunter attributes his success to his parents, who gave him consistent support throughout the entirety of his professional career. Throughout the years, Hunter has always done his best to focus on constant self-improvement. With every new project that he has been able to work on, he uses it as an opportunity to become better in his craft. He credits this drive to self-improve as the thing that has really helped his career grow.

In the future, Hunter wants to scale up in his career as a photographer and cinematographer, and he aspires to work with even more musicians, artists, and brands. His dream is to have his art featured on a renowned magazine cover. Through his hard work and dedication, Hunter wants to inspire others to achieve their goals just like him.

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