Hustlepedia: Gamifying Life


Those of us who have been submerged in the world of crypto gaming and NFTs these past few years have borne witness to Jonny Hustlepedia’s ascension as a YouTube sharpshooter and successful NFT project founder. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jonny to learn more about how he built his brand, what drives him, and where he’s headed.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Jonny’s competitive nature was honed through his love for sports and gaming. A degree in Business Marketing opened the doors for the Gaming Guru to find some decent jobs, but these jobs couldn’t quench his strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

His nature has always been to constantly hustle, always trying to monetize everything. To this content connoisseur, maximizing the ROI of his time was a persistent goal, and life was meant to be gamified with a personal scoreboard providing daily goals. He’d work all day and then stream COD Warzone on Twitch at night. After dabbling in Amazon and eBay resales, JPEG Jonny dove into sports betting. Ironically, this is what got him into crypto, as he needed Bitcoin in order to access the gambling scene. Soon people were paying him for his NFL picks, and he had his first taste of having some avid followers.

The original idea for the Hustlepedia YouTube channel was to follow in Graham Stephan’s footsteps and focus on diverse areas in the business sector. He soon noticed, however, that his crypto videos were catching on like wildfire, so he began to hone in on that niche. Once he discovered Axie Infinity, it all clicked for him. By combining his passion for gaming with the demand for crypto content, his channel quickly doubled to 57k followers in one month. 

The Al Capone of Content was just starting to successfully monetize his channel when he received an email from one of the biggest crypto YouTube shows in the business, CryptoBanter. Apparently, they wanted him to provide web3 gaming content a few times per week on their show. His first few appearances garnered over 100k views and he was off to the races. 

By October 2021, people were realizing his calls were making 5-10x gains, and they encouraged him to make a patreon group. With the help of some connections he made in the NFT community Neo Tokyo Code, he soon used his patreon group as the foundation to form a maffia-themed NFT project called This Thing Of Ours (TTOONFT). The project aims to help its holders secure their positions at the forefront of the coming blockchain gaming boom. Jonny is also developing a Web3 gaming advisory group which will help fund the treasury of TTOO and allow him to keep adding utility and perks for the holders. 

Hustlepedia is anything but complacent with the success that he has achieved, and he’s still scheming and working hard every day to advance his brand. He has become a prominent and eloquent spokesperson heralding the advent of web3 gaming, and we’ll be watching closely to witness Jonny maximize the potential of the next crypto gaming bull run. 

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