HybridBlock Raises $44 Million to Bring Crypto Trading to the Masses

Top executives at HybridBlock, a cryptocurrency trading and education platform, announced earlier today that they have successfully raised $44 million during their pre-sale period. The company is expected to offer a smaller public token sale to the general public in April to reach its $50 million total fundraising goal.

HybridBlock is an all-in-one trading ecosystem that empowers novice traders, intermediate crypto enthusiasts, and trading professionals to learn about, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies like never before. Within its trading ecosystem, HybridBlock will release two solutions focused on eliminating barriers seen on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges by offering deep order books and advanced trading features under one roof. The company also places a deep focus on education as the key to overall industry growth.

“Education is a critical piece to mass adoption of crypto assets,” says HybridBlock’s Co-founder, Apolo Ohno. “Knowing the technology at the basic level and understanding the risks/rewards associated with the level of participation is a very important part of HybridBlock. It’s imperative that the retail market understands what they are buying before they speculate. We plan to address this head-on and enrich our education hub to also service intermediate and advanced traders.”

HybridBlock is initially focused on servicing the 4+ billion-person Asian market, where it has been reported that over 70% of all digital currency trading takes place. And since six of the eight largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume are based in Asia, the market opportunity is undoubtedly massive. “We’ve seen the appetite for participation in the cryptocurrency market grow exponentially in Asia and believe we’re well positioned to play an integral role in its growth for years to come,” says Rod Jao, HybridBlock’s Co-founder who works alongside Apolo.

The company seeks to onboard an additional 100 million people into the world of cryptocurrency over the next three years. With former investment bankers, Wall Street quants, White House officials, and an Olympic champion forming their core team, not to mention a pile of cash that now fills their coffers, HybridBlock is shaping up to be one of the hottest blockchain companies to watch in 2018.

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