Meet Freddy Bunkers, the social entrepreneur who founded a LIFESTYLE BRAND WITH AN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUS

As many popular brands begin to take small steps toward sustainability, Freddy Bunkers and his brand HyperGo Wipes are tackling the problem head-on. At only 21 years old, Bunkers has already created a lifestyle product that is disrupting the industry and changing the way we conduct business for the better.

Humble Beginnings

At 15 years old, Bunkers was inspired to create an athletic wipe that would be perfect for athletes and intense workouts. The idea came to Bunkers during those smelly car rides home where he was forced to sit in his sweat following various volleyball practices and tournaments.

Fortunately for Bunkers, the entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family. Inspired by his mom, a fellow business owner, Bunkers felt he had the power and know-how to tackle this (stinky) problem.

Bunkers, like many ferocious entrepreneurs dedicated hours of his life to getting his product off the ground. In those early years, Bunkers would have to Uber from school to his unofficial headquarters being that he lacked the license to drive at this age.

The hardest part of his journey was coming up with a name. Bunkers knew that he wanted to capture the active lifestyle consumer and got stuck on works like go, hyper, fast, etc. Eventually, Bunkers struck gold and HyperGo Wipes became a reality.

Getting Off the Ground

After countless product iterations and testing sessions, Bunkers was ready to launch his product. The first HyperGo Wipes were sold primarily on Amazon being that the platform provided an easy way to connect with buyers and a low barrier to entry.

The wipes were an immediate success. However, Bunkers did rely on friends and family to buy products and leave positive reviews to gain traction. In hindsight, Bunkers stresses how crucial these reviews were to his early success.

Within months, HyperGo Wipes truly took off. Before Bunkers realized it, he was calling friends and guilting younger siblings to help him package pallets of his wipes that were sent off to Amazon’s warehouses.

In HyperGo Wipes’ first year, they were able to hit over $100k in sales, a miraculous feat for any new company. Now, more than 7 years later, the success of HyperGo Wipes continues…

Learning to Leverage Outside Sources

As a current college student, Bunkers knew he would have to be smart about managing his time. Bunkers took advantage of an increasingly popular strategy, outsourcing.

Bunkers attributes his ongoing success and ability to be a student and founder of multiple companies to outsourcing many of his responsibilities.

Rather than hiring teams of employees, Bunkers has kept his operations lean by outsourcing his warehouse, and working with independent contractors on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to take on time-consuming tasks.

Through this strategy, Bunkers has been able to take advantage of some incredible talent to create social media content, product designs, packaging, and more.

Going Carbon-Neutral

But creating an accessible full-body wipe wasn’t his only mission. From the beginning, Bunkers felt he was filling a huge gap the market left open. The majority of cleansing wipes were manufactured with non-recyclable materials and lacked any real environmental efforts.

In developing HyperGo Wipes, Bunkers made it his mission to become carbon neutral. To start, HyperGo Wipes are only manufactured with biodegradable materials. Bunkers took it one step further by incorporating carbon-neutral shipping practices into his business model. This meant that with each order of HyperGo Wipes, Bunkers would be planting a tree in the Amazon.

Following the initial success of HyperGo Wipes, Bunkers attributes his brand loyalty to his “environmental stewardship” practices. By creating a sustainable business model, Bunkers hopes to continue his success through the creation of new product lines.

Since the product’s humble beginnings, HyperGo Wipes has transformed itself under Bunkers’ innovative leadership. At first, HyperGo Wipes were enjoyed mostly by athletes and those with an overly active lifestyle.

A Full Body for the Everyday Consumer

HyperGo Wipes can find a purpose in anyone’s home. Whether you’re throwing them in your gym bag, using them on a camping trip, or merely just as you’re go-to cleansing wipe, HyperGo Wipes are meant for every consumer. With scented and unscented options, shoppers can enjoy a package of environmentally friendly wipes for as little as $14.95.

With eco-friendly resealable packaging and shipping across the U.S., head to their website so you too can enjoy these internationally renowned full-body wipes!

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