Hypnotherapy Techniques to Unpack Limiting Beliefs and Learn from Your Past

The mind is a powerful force. Your mind controls everything that you do; it’s so powerful that it’s constantly performing thousands of simultaneous actions to keep your body functioning its best at all times, without you having to think about it. Imagine if you had to consciously tell your heart to beat, or your stomach to digest your food, or your muscles to repair themselves; you wouldn’t have the time or bandwidth to think about anything else.  

Your subconscious does so much for you behind the scenes, it’s easy to forget how impactful it really is to your daily life. Tapping into your own subconscious allows you to audit your own standard operating procedures. With the right skills and guidance, you can completely reprogram your subconscious mind to work even harder for you in the background, all the while propelling you toward your goals.  

Vinny Shoreman is an expert Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach on a mission to help his clients train their mindset to streamline their success, come to terms with their past, and ultimately feel inspired, happy, and fulfilled. Vinny believes in the deep power of the subconscious mind, and reminds Making Bank listeners, “The mind controls the body, not the other way around.”

In his work as a renowned hypnotherapist, he’s been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast multiple times, and has even hypnotized Joe Rogan himself. Vinny also teaches dozens of powerful video modules to his growing personal development community on his website, The Shoreman Solution. He’s worked with countless athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and thought leaders all over the world to help them each master their mindset on the path to success.  

During his interview with Josh on the Making Bank podcast, Vinny shares details about using hypnotherapy as a tool for growth and healing.  Hypnotherapy, along with powerful visualization techniques, can be extremely effective in soothing anxiety, uncovering subconscious beliefs and doubts, improving self-confidence, quieting negative self-talk, and making peace with past emotional traumas. 

The Mind Controls the Body 

Your body can’t do a single thing without your mind signing off first. If you reach out and wave your arm, you have to actively decide to move your arm. But even though you probably aren’t thinking about breathing all day, somehow your lungs keep working anyway. Your mind controls everything the body does. You can work in tandem with your own mind by applying Vinny’s mindset techniques to tune up your subconscious.  

Because your mind is constantly humming with activity, it avoids reinventing the wheel as much as possible. This means it’s likely that information your mind “downloaded” from events in your past is still informing your mind’s processes, behaviors, and beliefs; months or years or decades after those events happened. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial to get clarity about your subconscious beliefs, or “narrative stories” as Vinny calls them, before you try to change anything.   

What Stories are You Telling?

Your mind wants to protect you from harm and keep you safe, which is why it clings to certain experiences that can be uncomfortable to revisit. In an attempt to make sense of the world in response to these past experiences, your brain creates learned behaviors and adopts certain beliefs about yourself.

Such behaviors and beliefs can very often be unhealthy and outright false, and if left unchecked, they can make your trek toward success more challenging than it needs to be. 

Figure out what your “narrative stories” are. What do you believe is true about yourself? What behaviors are driving you? Where did you learn these things? You might have to tap into some old anxieties, childhood memories, and challenging emotions to get to the truth.

This is where hiring an expert like Vinny can be absolutely priceless and game-changing. Once you have that level of trust with an expert practitioner, you know you’re in safe, capable hands to dive into the gunk that’s jamming up your subconscious mind.  



Ditch Anxiety, Embrace Flexibility 

So you’ve looked your demons in the eyes, and now you know their names, and you know the things they taught you to believe. The good news is, you don’t have to keep holding onto those negative beliefs and harmful behaviors once you’ve identified them. This is where visualization comes in.  

Using all five senses, use your imagination to create a vivid and vibrant visualized experience for yourself. Imagine how you want to feel without those beliefs and behaviors, imagine what your life would be like without them, and what new, healthy beliefs and behaviors you’ll adopt instead. Picture it as if you’re watching a movie of yourself, and replay the scene in your mind as many times as it takes to fully soak in and imprint on your subconscious.  

When your subconscious believes your visualization is real, you can trade the anxieties that caused those hurdles for total freedom and flexibility in your mindset. Having mental flexibility without doubts or fears is what opens you up to creatively problem-solve without the unaddressed shadows of your past weighing you down.

Imagine feeling completely content and at peace because you know– you deeply and wholeheartedly just know– that success and fulfillment is already yours. That’s the power of effective hypnotherapy.

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