I Admire the Strength , Ability , Courage and Zeal of Never Giving Up in Every Woman – Trupti Rajput

She is also known for her work in Hindi, Telugu, Hyderabadi, Tamil and other regional films. Trupti has won various film awards, and one among them is the International creative team award. In 2018, she won the IAWA Miss India crown. Her movie hit the big screen in 2018, named Kya Tum. She also directed fewer short films and she is presently working for her upcoming projects.

Needless to say being an actor ,model and influencer she pays a high attention towards her health and body. She loves hanging about and working-out, fasting, reading biographies and self-improvement books, and meditating. She is the person who loves being aesthetic. For her it’s all about skin care ,makeup ,taking care of herself.  She says that she loves to groom herself. It makes her feel confident about herself. When someone knows they are at their best they feel like they can conquer anything.

Being a woman herself she says she admire the strength , ability , courage and zeal of never giving up. She had seen women around her managing household work ,which is a huge task in itself but they lose themselves in the process. She could never have imagined herself doing the same. Her dreams were different.  Though she have all the respect for her and the strength and ability of her.

She is a fitness freak and when people say by looking at her they want to get healthier she feels delighted. It’s the best compliment for her. It’s always good that someone changes themselves for the better by looking at you and getting inspired from you.she believes a women should do what she loves. A woman also has a right to choose her career. It can be staying home or going out and working.

For her the beauty of a woman can not only be judged by the way she dresses but the ethics, hair , her skin , communication abilities etc also play a very important part. Giving time to oneself and taking care of our body is very important according to Maria. One should always take time for it.

Of course,  beauty comes from within but one has to cherish it and maintain it. No matter how busy you are, make a little time for yourself.  A woman who takes care of herself is totally different for her.


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