I am Extremely Happy With the Way My Career in Music is Shaping up: Troy Bronson

Benson expresses joy and happiness about his musical career

Jumping from one creative field to another is not so simple. But Troy Bronson is a person with multiple skills and talents. After becoming a successful fashion photographer, Troy Bronson is now exploring his hidden passion for music. He wants to excel as an independent artist and music producer.

He is enjoying his early success because fans are appreciating his followers and love for the music. His tracks, with most of them, revolve around the techno genre, garnering good views on online streaming channels. “I have always been in love with music. I listened to a lot of music across various genres. It has immensely helped me in starting my career in music,” Troy said.

He released a few of his tracks on Spotify and they got a good response from his fans and followers. His new single Schizo was also released recently and techno lovers are highly excited about it. “We always want to listen to something new and innovative. Troy’s track based on the Techno genre is refreshing and cool. I’m eagerly waiting for what Troy comes up next,” Troy’s fan told us.

Troy Bronson is not only creative but humble and down-to-earth as well. He said his recent success in music would’ve been difficult if he didn’t keep his interest alive in creativity. Despite his busy schedule as a location scout, student, and photographer, Troy never missed out on listening to new tracks. He also paid a lot of attention to various genres of music and observed several musicians before creating his tracks. It not only sharpened his skills but also made him versatile and standalone from the rest. Troy’s tracks are eclectic, refreshing, and soothing. As a truly creative person, Troy always wants to add something new to his art and crafts. That is why each of his tracks is so different from one another.

Troy has been a meticulous observer since childhood. He spent a lot of time learning and observing various sides of music and photography. He always gives 100% at everything he does. When it comes to his education, he is an academically-brilliant studentcurrently majoring in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Right now, I am fully committed to establishing my career in music, and finishing school. I am extremely happy that my friends and followers and well-wishers are listening to my tracks. All, I can say here is a big thank you to all who are making my journey into music more meaningful and exciting. To be honest, I am now extremely happy with the way my career in music is shaping up,” Troy told us in his recent interview.

After achieving much in his life, Troy Bronson now is giving back to society. He is engaged in multiple areas of volunteer services, including helping the local homeless by providing resources to some of them in LA. His helping attitude found another expression when he volunteered to teach English to kids in the Philippines and people of his age in Thailand.

Troy Bronson rendered immense help to the HIV-infected children in South Africa. Dedicating himself to such social works and volunteering services, Troy Bronson tried to find resources for people in need, listen to them, learn nonstop their problems, and arrange money for the schooling of such children. In his altruistic pursuit, Troy Bronson aimed to offer a new lifestyle for the poor.

When asked by the media persons about his musical career, Troy Bronson said he can easily trace his musical journey since 2014 when he visited Europe, the Middle East, and the LA. During such tours, he learned a lot about music and techno. At various techno underground parties, Troy Bronson learned which kind of drop makes the crowd go wild, which kind of synthsmake them close their eyes and vibe to the music. He learned which musical notes foment the emotions of people and which sound waves excite them. To quote Troy Bronson: “After all these tours, I felt ready for my music debut which I did. I turned professional”.

Troy Bronson is now fully dedicated to composing more mellifluous songs for his fans and audience. He can be seen either composing new tracks or conducting his independent research on new music and songs. Troy is also active on social media where he shares important information with his followers, and connects with them. Troy Bronson’s fans can expect a few more of his tracks to be released soon this year. He is working on those tracks and they will go live soon. You can follow Troy Bronson on Instagram and Spotify to stay up to date about his latest activity and tracks.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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