I Find it Fascinating to Step Into Someone Else’s Shoes: Vinn Sander

Vinn Sander

American film and TV actor Vinn Sander is best known for being part of several Dhar Mann Productions’ mini series. They are known for producing several motivational videos.

Vinn was also seen in films like President Evil (2018) and Fear And Desire (2019). Ask him what acting means to the actor, and he says, “Acting, to me, means freedom.” He adds that it’s the freedom to do different jobs and roles without having to be constrained to one job and he finds it liberating. “For me, acting is the freedom to express my creative side.

Also, I find it fascinating to step into someone else’s shoes, transform myself, relive their life, and try to portray that authentically on screen,” says Vinn.

Before becoming an actor, Vinn graduated with a degree in chemical and biological engineering, and that allowed him to go to California and have a job and financial stability while he was trying to work on his acting career.

Though he’s glad he had a day job, he also felt constrained by that, because he had to suppress his creative side in order to focus on the job.

So how did his journey as an actor start? He responds that it was his fascination for movies since childhood that started it all. He loved watching movies and would be intrigued by the roles that were portrayed on screen in every film he watched. “When I came to California, Los Angeles, I was able to try to pursue acting.

It was a constant struggle because I came without knowing a single soul in the city. I had no guidance. All I knew was what I read online and the knowledge I’d gathered regarding Hollywood throughout the years,” says Vinn.

It was challenging, because there is no one path that fits all, says the actor. So, it began with a lot of trial and error. He got on social media and started taking acting classes and they helped him develop a foundation, develop the courage to be vulnerable in front of an audience, to act authentically, and courage to go to auditions.

Vinn believes that one can have talent, but you always need to work hard to fine-tune your skills. It is important to have an open mind and the willingness to always want to improve your craft. “Acting classes also helped me meet other actors who had similar goals,” says Vinn, adding that collaborating with others helped him learn more about his strengths and weaknesses.

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