I Have a $10K Coaching Program. How Do I Sell It Consistently? Words From Michael Marcial

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You have created your coaching program. You have priced it at $10k, and now you wonder how to make it sell, consistently. You have nothing to worry about.

All you are expected to do is believe in your abilities, have a clear target, put on paper what you want to do to achieve your goals, identify the obstacles that will prevent you from achieving your targets, and finally commit to your game plan.

Michael Marcial has been helping coaches and course creators in the high-ticket industry to develop their superpower and focus on their skills. He has been helping them scale by assisting them in selling their offers at a higher price (high-ticket). Michael owns the most intentional, well-constructed high-ticket closing agency in the marketplace for coaches and course creators. He has been able to serve his clients diligently, and he shares tips on how you can sell your coaching program consistently.

  • Trust In Your Abilities

Trust is important in sales, especially self-trust. It builds your confidence, making your potential clients trust you more. Trusting yourself makes your decision-making easier.

Let’s say you want to make $10,000 per month. Unless you believe that you can make that amount, you won’t make it. The truth is you will still have to put in the effort, but self-belief is like opening the door of your success, and it will give you momentum.

  • Have A Clear Target

Goal setting is essential in any sales process. This tool will help you reach your full potential. When you list down your goals, you will be motivated to achieve them.

If your target is to attain $10,000 within the first quarter of the year, you can break it down into monthly targets. Breaking it down will give you direction and focus, eventually leading you to achieve your longer-term goals. The more specific your goal is with your coaching program, the more you will meet them. In setting your goals, ensure that they are attainable, relevant, and timely.

  • Identify The Obstacles That Will Prevent You From Consistent Selling

Fear is one of the major problems most people face. Others lack the right strategies, while still others lack an audience. You need to know precisely your biggest obstacles preventing you from making that $10,000 a month if that was your target.

Once you identify them, you can now make clear, practical, rational choices to overcome them.

  • Commit To Your Game Plan

What will bring a difference to your selling process is how committed you will be to your plans.

Being committed means that whatever it takes, you must execute your plans. Depending on your channel to sell your coaching program, you decide to stick to the laid down strategies. Commitment will see you increase your results tremendously.

Why Sell Your Coaching Programs Consistently?

Selling your programs consistently will communicate your value. Also, people will begin to see you as serious. This step will help them build their trust in you.

Additionally, consistency will expand your horizons and give you clarity. There will always be a desire to do better with your coaching programs. 

Consistency will increase your self-confidence. The more you sell your programs, the more confident you become.

It will also make you more noticeable, motivate you, and help you gain the momentum you need. In the long run, it will significantly influence your income.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, if you have a coaching program and want to sell it consistently, the above tips can help you immensely. Another great option is seeking help from Michael and his team at SUPERCOACH where they will close deals for you with ease and consistency.

Michael is wholly focused on the success of his clients and will always ensure they close more high-ticket programs more consistently than any other agency in the market. For more information, you can connect with Michael on Facebook or Instagram.

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