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“I Take My Roles Seriously, Be It as a Dedicated Family Man or a Diligent Businessman,” says Entrepreneur Randy Garn

Here’s how to dedicate yourself to all your roles.

Sometimes, trying to balance a demanding work life while still finding time to spend with your family is difficult. Striking a balance between bonding with your children and putting food on the table can cause trouble within family dynamic, as well as within your own psyche. Entrepreneur Randy Garn has worked hard to be able to develop this work-life balance and be a family man while still working towards business success.

Garn is a New York Times Bestselling Author and a hard-working entrepreneur. He’s a managing partner at the High Performance Institute, which is the world’s leading corporate training center on the subject of inspiring high performance in people. “My favorite thing in this entire world is being able to help people and companies grow,” Garn says. “We work with some of the most world-renowned CEOs, companies, and experts to ensure that they reach their full potential.” He is also a founder or partner in many endeavors, including Prosper, Hero Partners,, and Education Success Inc.

It would seem with all of these high-profile clients and an extremely demanding schedule, that Garn has little time for a balanced family life. However, Garn never lets his hard work take over his life. He’s deeply in love with his wife Charlotte, and their four daughters and two sons. “I never let my entrepreneurial work get in the way of time with my family. While it is important to provide for them, I know that our happiness is the most important thing of all.” Striking this balance is something that Garn is proud of. “I take my roles seriously – be it as a dedicated family man or a diligent businessman.”

No matter the workload, Garn encourages entrepreneurs to take time to be with their families. “You can never get your children’s childhood back. That’s time that was either well-spent or gone. Don’t let your professional ambitions get in the way of your true happiness.”

Another way he bonds with his family is through his partnership with Bronze Buffalo Club, an exclusive members’ only enterprise. They offer a wide range of experiences for their members, including hunting, fishing, and golf. “All of us love being there. It’s our little piece of nature.”

While it’s difficult to juggle all of the responsibilities of being a spouse, parent, and entrepreneur, Garn is proof that it’s possible, and that it’s always worth putting in the effort for your family.


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