I Tried Task Ant For 60 Days – Here’s My Review

I Tried Task Ant For 60 Days - Here’s My Review

With 2021 quickly approaching, there’s no signs of Instagram slowing down— with over 1 billion monthly active users, there’s a huge amount of potential for businesses, brands, creators, influencers, and more to harness the platform and grow their reach. 

Instagram is a powerful platform for connecting with people, generating interest around your account and fortifying your success, no matter which niche you are in. These days, people expect to see you on Instagram, so the better your platform is developed, the more likely you will gain valuable social cred. 

With so many users on Instagram in every niche, however, comes a lot more competition than in the past. Because there’s so much competition on the platform, developing a competitive edge is key to getting more Instagram followers and seeing better results. 

Building your Instagram following and gaining more reach for your content is no easy task; luckily, there are a variety of Instagram growth tools out there to help you do exactly that. 

In our review, we’re going to take a look at one of the most powerful Instagram hashtag generators to see just how they can help you with your Instagram growth and whether or not they provide you with something worthwhile. Let’s take a look! 

Task Ant Review: How Does it Work? 

Task Ant Strategies

Task Ant is a very straightforward platform that is easy to use even for the newest social media users. With a very user-friendly interface and dashboard, Task Ant makes it easier than ever to find the best hashtags for your account. 

Before we take a look at their features and functions, let’s just talk quickly about what hashtags do for your Instagram. 

What are Hashtags? 

Task Ant Hashtag Sets

Hashtags are the little symbol (#) that make your content discoverable by new users; first used on Twitter in 2007, hashtags have become the universal method for gaining more reach and becoming visible in trending topics across most social media platforms. 

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, although many argue that the most effective number ranges between 1-11. You can include hashtags directly in your caption’s text, in the comment section of your post, as well as at the end of your post’s caption. 

Why are Hashtags Important? 

Task Ant Use Hastags

A big problem that many Instagram users encounter is their confusion when it comes to developing an effective hashtag strategy. Remember, IG has over 1 billion monthly active users, so there is a lot of content being published every second. 

The most common hashtag mistake that users make is to use very general hashtags, such as #goodlife, hoping that their content will be seen by a bunch of new users. Unfortunately, when hashtags are so general like this, the content will be pushed down the feed too quickly to be seen due to the sheer volume of posts coming up with that tag. 

Not only that, this hashtag is so broad that users across many different niches will be using it; if you’re a restaurant owner in Seattle, getting a view from a car salesman in the UK is probably going to do you little good. 

Task Ant is the perfect solution to your hashtag strategy, allowing you to find the hashtags that will bring you more targeted reach and get your content in front of the eyes that matter. We were really impressed with how easy and accurate Task Ant’s services are. 

Task Ant Review: Features

Task Ant Hashtag Search Tool 2

Task Ant has a variety of effective features that allows you to fine-tune your hashtag strategy. These features include: 

  • Hashtag keyword searches: Task Ant uses real Instagram data to generate effective hashtags based on your keywords. You’ll be able to view hashtag lists of niche-specific hashtags that will allow you to appear in hashtag feeds relevant to your target audience. You’re much more likely to get content and profile views when you use a defined hashtag strategy as opposed to general one-offs. 
  • Hashtag sets: This was one of our favorite features. Once you’ve generated your hashtag lists and you find ones you like, you can create hashtag sets that will keep all of those hashtags saved together. You can also copy the hashtag set for easy posting, which saves so much time. Since all Instagram content is unique, you can create a few different sets related to your content pillars so that you can just pop into Task Ant, copy over your hashtags, and post your content. It saves so much time and keeps everything so much more organized. It’s easier to keep track of your hashtag strategy and you don’t have to waste time or energy using other tracking or storage methods. 
  • Performance and Competitor Tracking: Task Ant will keep tabs on how your content is performing, which is a great streamlined way to see how your content is doing. You can also see how competitors are doing and which hashtags they may be using. 

Is It Better to Just Buy Followers? 

While hashtag strategy is the best way to gain more reach for your content, some people still wonder if it’s better to just buy Instagram followers and not deal with hashtags at all. This is a big mistake, and developing a viable growth strategy through hashtags is much more effective than buying followers could ever be. 

Does developing a hashtag strategy take a bit more time? Yes. Is it easier with Task Ant? Yes. Will you see better results through quick-fix methods like buying followers? Absolutely not. 

When you buy followers, you won’t see any business results, engagement boosts, or ROI. Developing your hashtag strategy with Task Ant will get you more content visibility to users who matter, naturally boosting your follower count and engagement as well. Stick with developing a lasting hashtag strategy that will bring you growth that is sustainable over the long-term. 

Review Conclusion

Using Task Ant for your hashtag strategy is the best choice that you can make for your Instagram growth. They offer a really easy service that isn’t just faking your Instagram growth; with Task Ant, you’re actually creating a long-term Instagram growth strategy that will keep your account healthy and keep the followers and engagement rolling in. 

Hashtags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s in your best interest to understand how to use them and get the support you need through a reliable and easy-to-use generator like Task Ant. 

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