“I would be lost if I had not figured out marketing” asserted Digital marketing specialist Sahed Ahmed.

Sahed Ahmed is a seasoned digital marketer working as a digital marketing specialist on Fiverr. Sahed’s recognition is extensive, He is known as freelancer Sahed Afridi. Sahed is one of the most bright young talents contributing to the sector of digital marketing in Sylhet.

Sahed was born on March 4th, 1997. Sylhet is his birthplace and also where he grew up, studied, and currently works in. Sahed completed his Higher secondary studies at SCHOLARSHOME and is proceeding with an undergraduate program at Madan Mohan College.


Sahed wears many hats: he is an entrepreneur, digital marketing trainer, SEO specialist, and social media consultant. He has been managing his freelance service for the last 5 years, with expertise in the sector of digital marketing, graphics design, and web design. A few of his usual provided services are social media marketing, website creation, and design, website optimization, YouTube SEO & promotion, video marketing, music promotion, lead generation, email marketing, Facebook Ads, PPC, and more.

The story behind the brand name freelancer Sahed Afridi:

Sahed did not prefer to work under others and always was passionate to do something on his own. He faced and survived many challenging situations in life. The unexpected financial crisis in his family followed by his elder sister quitting her job pushed Sahed to work later. He was just a college student back then with the least qualification. Sahed wanted to enjoy his life like the boys of his age but the circumstances forced him to begin a career. His career began by doing several jobs but his expectation remained unfulfilled, then he adapted to freelancing as a profession.

Sahed grabbed the opportunity of doing a digital marketing course offered by Future IT Valley, with the help of his college teacher. “I did not know about freelancing then and how to generate revenue through it, nor did I have enough fees to pay for the course. Somehow I managed to pay half of the fees & purchased a second-hand laptop. After the completion of the course, I started working hard. Due to my dedication, hard work of sleepless nights, gradually I started to make money through freelancing.

Since then I have not looked back. My hard work paid off and I took the responsibility to maintain my family. I will always be thankful to my teacher who gave his support and helping hand to me during my difficult time. The Sahed Afridi you are seeing today is just because of him!” With three years of dedication, full-time hard work Sahed was able to create a lifestyle he needed for himself and provide for his family, creating his brand identity. Now people know him more as freelancer Sahed Afridi rather than Sahed Ahmed.

Sahed’s work & life as a Digital Marketing trainer:

Sahed has worked with more than 500 clients around the world. He helped 428 businesses to grow online. He has worked with many entrepreneurs, music artists, successful YouTubers, business strategists, and that allowed him to be more competent and skillful. Questioning about his monthly revenue Sahed answered, “Youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh is at 11.56 percent & many can find I boast of my earnings but I love to motivate the youth by exposing it and inspire them to take freelancing as the career for fighting with the poverty due to unemployment.” Sahed is making $3,000-4,000 monthly as a full-time freelancer.

Sahed is also working as an in-house team of a US-based marketing agency. Referring to Sahed’s other role as a Digital marketing trainer, he is offering an extensive training program for new learners from the past two years to empower them in the domain of digital media and marketing. Sahed’s students have also started earning after completing his training program and Sahed considers himself lucky when he learns about their success. His students are very pleased to get a mentor like him and always approach him for queries and problems regarding their projects.

Sahed has a very different method of teaching that’s why students from different parts of Bangladesh are also keen to learn digital marketing with Afridi. In the last admission for his upcoming DM training program, around 100 seats were booked within one day.


Achievements and future objectives:

Sahed has been working on fiverr since the beginning of his career and in the upcoming days, he will receive the “Top-Rated Seller” badge on fiverr as he has already fulfilled all the requirements for being the top-rated. Sahed really worked hard and kept himself committed to the work.

“For me, marketing was a dire need. I would be lost if I had not figured out marketing” asserted this enthusiastic Entrepreneur. Sahed has received several honors from different IT Institutes for his contribution to the freelancing community. Sahed just recently received the “Top Freelancer Award – 2021” from Pxlhut Ltd. by Misbahur Rahman and the “Top Freelancer Award” from Roki Tech by Roki Roy.


Sahed has various hobbies and pastimes. Whenever he finds time he plays football and poll with his close friends. He likes traveling to places, eating out, photography, horse riding, etc. He tries to keep himself physically fit and mentally satisfied by doing the above things. This enables him to work in a more organized way.

Contribution and future plans:

Sahed Ahmed contributed to the local and nationwide freelancing community by providing them with his excellent tailored support. Sahed believes “The best marketers appreciate people. Be it, customers or co-workers, we’re all about communities and helping others.” Sahed’s younger brother Tareqe Ahmed, is also a digital marketing expert. Sahed created a Facebook community group named “Freelancer Sahed Afridi Group (Sylhet)” and it got nearly 14,000 members.

The community is full of newbie freelancers. Sahed receives hundreds of marketing & freelancing-related questions on the group every day and tries his best to answer them. In the forthcoming days, Sahed wants to help the unemployed youth to overcome their financial confinement through his training and help the country to earn more remittance.

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