Ian Mausner Throws Light On The Use Of Personal Protective Equipment By Health Workers During Covid

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has exposed doctors and nurses to a high rate of risks. The pandemic has made people realize the importance of healthcare workers to protect and save many lives. With the advent of the global pandemic, different types of equipment came into being to protect doctors and patients. Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, is picking up steam amidst the massive upheaval.

Introducing PPE kits

 The pandemic has brought to light specialized clothing for the protection of healthcare providers against infection. Personal protective equipment wards off infectious materials by acting as a barrier between the doctors and the person infected. Medical professionals utilize PPE kits at the time of treating patients. It does not enable individuals to prevent the spread of coronavirus and stops the transmission of other diseases.

Significance of PPE kits

Personal protective equipment plays a significant role in combating the coronavirus pandemic. It makes a substantial contribution to prevent the transmission of the highly contagious virus from an individual to another, says Ian Mausner. With the probabilities of community transmission, personal protective kits safeguard the doctors and attendants from contamination. Personal protective equipment provides full protection to the wearer. Each element of the protective gear has a full-proof design to protect, and cover every part of the body, thereby saving individuals from the passing of infection. There are a total of 7 components of personal protective equipment.

Following are the detailed description and usage of some element of PPE kits

  • The protection suit

 The personal protection garment provided in the kit is protective clothing that prevents infection exposure, and doctors and other medical staff use it as a precaution. PPE coverall is convenient to wear, and its waterproof nature protects the body from contacting any liquid.

  • Faceguard

 Using a plastic shield to cover the face plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infection. Health care providers use face shields, and the common masses also use them, says Ian Mausner. They are utilizing it to avoid the spread of germs and to safeguard themselves from the same. Therefore, the shield of plastic does not become a hindrance to visibility as it covers the face.

  • PPE Safety eyewear

 Studies have proved that transmission of the virus mainly occurs through the nose and mouth. However, some researchers say that it spreads through the eyes. Hence, the use of PPE goggles came into Limelight. The eyes are the most delicate organs of the human body. Protective eyewear in the PP kit prevents direct eye contact with the infected person, says Ian Mausner. The mucus membrane in the eyes requires protection from the virus droplets. The use of safety goggles also prevents the eyes from contacting any infectious liquid.

In addition to the description mentioned above, the use of a face mask, head cover, and gloves also play a crucial role in protecting individuals from the contaminants brought about by the virus. Therefore you should stay during the pandemic with the necessary precautions.


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