Ian Mccaulley Span Of iSpanProductions’s Rise To Success

CEO of iSpanProductions, Ian Mccaulley Span is carving the way for indie artists to direct, compose, film, and produce music at the highest level. iSpanProductions is a results-driven, multi-tiered production company that provides media solutions to well-known artists, so they can focus on what matters the most — the music.

Starting from humble beginnings, Span was inspired to start music from his mother who wrote songs, sang opera, and played the guitar. Span recounts, “We would sing and write music together often. That is partly where my love for music stemmed from.” But when Span turned 10 years old, his mother became disabled, battling a condition called renal failure (kidney failure).

Despite her condition, Span’s mother did everything she could to provide a balanced childhood before passing away when Span turned 22 years old. He will always be grateful for everything she did and how she nurtured his musical talent.

Furthermore, Span also found creative inspiration from school. From concert band to writing assignments, he said, “I wrote a lot of short stories in school and won several writing awards through my K-12 education. I love to tell stories; I do that in my music too.”

Interestingly enough, Span also emphasized how his close relationship with his 3 cousins served as a creative outlet at a young age. “I would make up very interesting stories and act them out with my cousins. I’d play the director and I’d even act with them. We all had our roles that we followed, and it was all improvised comedy with serious parts, so the story we were creating would be very real.”

Not only was this fun, but it also gave him an opportunity to play unique characters with personalities of their own. They would often play characters who were popstars, actors, or other A-list celebrities. And this experience resulted in his love of acting and directing.

While Span runs an up and coming media and production company, he also produces and creates his own music all through his business iSpanProductions. He says “I am currently promoting my new music video and single ‘My Dear’ featuring Tiffany Evans. I am also creating my first EP.” Not only does Span help other artists, but he does it for himself too. While many simply ‘talk the talk’, Span and his team actually ‘walk the walk’.

Interviewing Mr. Span, we asked, “How did your career begin? What do you think sets you apart from your competition?” He replied, “I got started by working with different people in the industry (producers, singers, song writers, etc) and I networked a lot! I also consistently put out content, and used social media to gain attention for my different projects.

But what sets me apart from my competition is the way I sing, the passion behind it, and my experience directing, acting, and producing. I’ve always known that I was someone unique. I knew that I had something very rare to offer the world. Whether it’s my dreams, passions, personal lens on life, or any of my talents. All of it is me, Ian McCaulley Span. No one else, me. This is my fulfillment and me being myself makes me very happy.”

The past 2 years have changed everything for how businesses and the music industry operate as a whole, “Do you believe COVID has changed the trajectory of your business moving forward? We asked Span. He says, “COVID only uncovered what we already knew, that my team and I are adaptable to any situation that life throws at us, and we are excited for the future.”

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