Idrees Kickz: The Next Generation sneaker entrepreneur

Several individuals are trying to fit their identity molding in the world of success. However, very few are able to flourish with their ability or talent. Idrees Kickz the 19-year boy has proved that nothing is impossible if you are burning fire of passion.

Though there are several entrepreneurs who have been creating new milestones in the world of business in various areas. Idrees Kickz is also known as Mohammad Edris Hashimi remains at the top of this list from Canada as the youngest sneaker entrepreneur due to his astonishing skills and talent.

It is usually seen children at an early age are only focused on their studies or with their different kinds of stuff. No one bothers to think about their career in their teens. But Idrees Kickz has proved that age is just a number you can achieve success regardless of your age or time. The only thing that drives you is your passion.

Idrees Kickz at the age of 13, gained immense knowledge about online business. He had developed the method to promote and sell sneakers on various online platforms. As knowing the crazy choice of youngsters he understands the need of the people and accordingly he acts making him different from the others.

Now at the age of 19 after completing his graduation from high school is on his urge to polish his personality with some business program from the university.

Idrees Kickz with his passion has created miracles in the online business. Wondering! How Idrees Kickz believes self-belief and confidence are the treasure of his victory. He advises others too to work hard and never lose hope until they gulp success.

Idrees Kickz is a true inspiration for the people who dare to challenge their abilities.

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