Impactful Online Marketing Tips to Implement During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and threw businesses out of gear. The pandemic has hit the economy severely, affecting businesses.

There is only one option left for businesses in the challenging and chaotic situation–perform or perish. There is no way out for companies other than tackling the challenge. 

You must have heard about the famous adage–every cloud has a silver lining–and, interestingly, it has proved true in today’s chaos due to the pandemic.

In today’s challenging times, the silver lining is digital marketing, which you also tend to call online marketing.

If businesses undermine digital marketing, they will have a tough time getting their products sold. It is an effective way to promote products and services during the pandemic.

Here, we discuss the best practices for businesses to market their products and services digitally:

Connect With Your Customers through Social Media

Regardless of whether people are Corona positive or not, they are taking precautions. They are spending most of their time inside the home. 

It is a time for businesses to show empathy to people and help out wherever they can and not only to push business. It is an opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

More people are on social media, looking for updates and interacting with their favorite brand. You can utilize this opportunity to strengthen your brand by promoting your good deeds on social media. 

You can also indulge in socially relevant work, like food distribution, to make your brand image more visible.

Ensure Your Online Visibility

Remember one thing: if your business is not visible online, it will be as good as dead. As more and more people are online these days, you should ensure that you have a robust online presence.

There has been a significant increase in search traffic during these days as people have been searching for product updates and new offerings.

Many people are also shopping online, so they prefer researching their prospective products before buying.

Online consumption has increased more than ever before. So, if you remain hidden, be ready to be out of business. 

Therefore, do not fall behind in crafting a robust SEO strategy to make your website appear within Google’s top search engine results pages (SERPs).

In this way, people will easily find your business. Bear in mind that it is not a time for you to make your website appear in front of people now and then. It is instead the time to remain visible. 

The design of your website matters a lot in running a successful online marketing campaign. So, hire website design professionals to design your website correctly. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising 

With more and more people staying inside their homes and spending time with the internet, you get an excellent opportunity to use the PPC market to promote your products and services to your target consumers. It also allows you to gain a competitive advantage. 

Scale-Up in the Competition

In the pursuit of moving ahead of your competitors, you need to leverage the power of SEO. It helps increase organic traffic to your website.  

You should make efforts to stay on the first Google SERP and within the top results. 

In this way, people can easily find your website when they do search with specific keywords. But, to climb up to the top SERPs is not a one-day affair. It does not only take time but also calls for a good SEO strategy.

You should not fall behind in optimizing your website and content regularly, or else you will lose out to your competitors in the SERPs rankings. 

It will mean that you will lose substantial money in lost revenue.

You should never halt your SEO campaign, as that can be a critical mistake on your part. It will result in your business trailing behind your competitors. 

Moreover, you will not generate enough leads to follow up, and revenue will suffer. But you should bear in mind that it is a perfect time for your business to push your SEO strategy harder to move ahead of your competitors.

Strategize for Future

The Coronavirus pandemic is not here to stay forever. It will eventually fade. 

When normalcy returns, people’s buying habits will also stabilize. So, you should formulate your SEO strategy with a long-term perspective. 

Remember that what you do today for your SEO campaign will impact future organic search traffic.

If you stop your SEO campaign now, it will hurt future campaigns. Therefore, continue your SEO campaign with the future with your future business scenario in mind.

Make Special Offers

In today’s uncertain time, you get the opportunity to serve your customers better. You can show your support by offering them special offers, which are likely to prompt your customers to make a purchase. It will keep your revenue flow intact. 

Create your special offers thoughtfully. Identify your product-market fit beforehand. These days, many people are at home searching for discounts over the internet to save money during tough times.

It is an excellent opportunity for you to serve your customers with discounted special offers. In this way, you can also engage them and keep your revenue stream flowing. 

You can highlight your special offers through PPC advertising and social media.

Local SEO

Most people are staying at home during the pandemic. Even when they go out, they avoid going away too far. They mostly prefer moving around nearby places. 

So you make sure that you implement local SEO strategies to optimize your website for “near me” searches.

Local SEO strategies will help customers easily find your website, so there is the likelihood of your business getting sales. 

An excellent way to boost your local SEO during this time is by adding positive reviews. Online reputation management is essential to win the hearts of your target consumers during the chaotic time.


Online marketing is an effective way to keep your business moving during a challenging time due to the pandemic. But a proper strategy is essential to run a successful online marketing campaign. Understand the needs of your target consumers before you kickstart your online marketing campaign. 

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