Impakt: The Web3 AI Fitness Trainer Bringing People Together in Sweat and Success

In the age of Web3 and a growing focus on the metaverse, Impakt, a groundbreaking AI fitness trainer app, is on the brink of redefining the way we engage with fitness and social connections. Founder and CEO Winston Zin’s journey into the realm of fitness tech began as a serial entrepreneur in the smart home IoT space. Still, it was the unique challenges presented by the pandemic that sparked the innovative concept behind Impakt.

Impakt has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning from its initial concept into a cutting-edge AI fitness trainer app. At its core, Impakt leverages computer vision technology to analyze body movements, delivering real-time feedback on form and repetition accuracy during workouts. However, what truly sets Impakt apart is its unwavering commitment to social connection and fitness from the comfort of your home.

In a recent interview, Winston Zin emphasized the social dimension of Impakt. The app facilitates users’ participation in mutual activities online, offering a platform for group workouts guided by your very own AI coach. This unique approach encourages participants to interact with one another, forging a sense of community that extends beyond the screen. 

An exciting recent development is Impakt’s rebranding effort, as it aligns its focus with the burgeoning at-home fitness trends. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Impakt’s AI coach is the standout feature, providing a personalized and immersive fitness experience with gaming elements incorporated.

Beyond workouts, Impakt allows users to engage in conversations during rest periods, fostering meaningful social connections. Users can even create highlight videos of their workouts to share with friends and family, receiving valuable feedback and encouragement.

Notably, Impakt is not just about providing workouts and feedback. The app takes advantage of its proprietary computer vision technology to analyze user movements, offering tailored exercises for individual needs. Upcoming plans include integrating fitness trackers for tracking heart rate and providing comprehensive workout data.

Impakt’s positive reception has not been confined to a single corner of the globe; they’ve garnered particular enthusiasm from Southeast Asia. With eyes set on the future, they are gearing up for the launch of their governance token in the first quarter of the upcoming year.

As for the app’s in-app token, it’s currently contained within the app but will soon be bridged to the blockchain. Impakt employs a freemium model, offering VIP services for super users. Their business strategy also includes licensing their technology and partnering with influencers, MMA fighters, and industry experts.

Users are incentivized and rewarded based on their exercise performance, quality, and social engagement. Impakt is currently in its soft launch phase, with plans for robust marketing efforts in Q4 and exciting partnerships in the pipeline.

Impakt’s team comprises experienced entrepreneurs who are working remotely to realize the app’s vision. Their primary objective is to create a top-quality product before the Token launch and establish themselves as a key player in the fitness industry within the Web3 space.

Winston Zin succinctly captures the essence of Impakt’s mission by highlighting the existence of social networks tailored to various purposes. In recognizing the need for a dedicated fitness-focused social network, Impakt has positioned itself to bridge the gap and redefine how people engage with fitness and social connections in the age of Web3.

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