Improving Online Shopping Experiences with Emilie Edberg of Shopping Roulette

With billions of people across the globe shopping online at their convenience from their favorite electronic devices, it makes sense to offer options that will improve their experiences. The goal is to get the consumers excited to visit a site, check out the product categories, and put in their orders. And, that is precisely what three former students decided to do.

Emilie Edberg, Joseph D’Anna, and Elia D’Anna are all European School of Economics graduates who would eventually cross paths at an event that Emilie was handling. The sibling duo, Joseph and Elia, were streaming it live on their platform when they started a conversation with Emilie. It eventually led to discussions on different tech-related ideas, including the concept of developing a site where shoppers could potentially get refunded on a purchase by chance.

Emilie loved the idea and decided to use her experience as a fashion entrepreneur to help make Shopping Roulette what it is today. Having worked on different events for various clients, including the Kardashians and the UK Royal Family, Emilie had the experience and innovative ideas needed to bring the site to life while providing the best experience possible to the consumers.


“When you visit Shopping Roulette, it looks like most sites that you’d check out to buy something you need. You can sort through the categories, find the products you’re looking for, and then make your purchase. However, we have an algorithm running in the back that will lump shoppers into roulette wheels based on the value of the product they are viewing. And, once we’ve filled the wheel, it’s time to spin it and give a shopper the chance to get a refund on the items they purchased,” shared Edberg.

“Someone could potentially get hundreds of dollars refunded to them after purchasing items on our site. Each roulette consists of five players, giving shoppers a fair and decent shot at winning on our site. Because we offer such great odds of winning, shoppers can have an even better experience ordering items online with a chance to win a refund and get their goods for free.”


Providing a safe, fun, and exciting shopping experience was the goal for Emilie Edberg, Elia D’Anna, and Joseph D’Anna. Creating a revolutionary experience leaves consumers with an interactive source of entertainment that keeps them coming back for more.

“We came up with this idea out of necessity. We needed to remain transparent while making sure shoppers understood everything. In addition, we wanted to give shoppers a better chance of winning their items for free. The refund that winners receive is made possible by grouping the wholesale profit margin from all products bought by the different players,” said Edberg. “It’s a process that works and allows shoppers to get a 100% refund while still receiving their items.”


Shopping Roulette is the first of its kind to create a gamified e-commerce experience that can bring consumers together based on their interests while allowing them to get items for free. The site is currently live and available for shoppers worldwide with a listing of more than 500,000 products, giving consumers a chance to find what they need when they need it.


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