Imran Tariq #1 WSJ Best Seller Shares How to Become Notable That The Media Notices You

The saying goes that there is a customer born every minute, according to the genius behind the circus P.T Barnum. If we want to make a success of this all, then it’s vital to understand that it comes down to being authentic but different.

To be different allows you to garner attention while being relatable as well. Content produced that isn’t at the right awareness stage is going to cost you because they won’t relate.

Imran shares five strategies anyone can use to differentiate themselves:

Find a way to add value

Everyone thinks of value in different ways, but value can be about just simply listening to someone or being there for someone. Even journalists are people, so treat them like people, instead of trying to get what you want only, what is in it for them as well? What is the benefit they get by publishing you or helping you out?

Do your research

What do they write about? How can you tie what you do with current news about what they currently do? What makes you unique? The secret is all in the formula of knowing what they want, need and how you can make it a win-win

Spend money on promotions and show them why covering you is worthwhile

Know what makes you stand out like a purple cow and gets you coming back again and again? Views, if your articles do well on social media and on their columns, they going to want to maybe cover you again or other people will plus gets you exposure. Think about it, who doesn’t want a dopamine reward and reward for their efforts?

Unorthodox method to contact the writers

Imagine how many people pitching their inboxes but how many people get targeted via ads on Twitter, if run a custom audience and the same for LinkedIn can instantly stand out or an Inmail works well as well on Linkedin, better yet, direct mail with a video postcard or FedEx package, what are creative ways you can get in front of people.

Become a writer at industry-specific publications

Often going after industry-specific publications related to where your audience is to grow your business often will overlap with contributors’ target audience too, interview them and do a great job and who knows, maybe they will reciprocate and cover you for free, too but never ask for it in a way that is a trade or to make them feel guilty or used. Always focus on adding value first.

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