In Conversation: Julian Narchet on Using Market Monitoring to Optimize Your Medical Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Market monitoring is the process of market surveillance to address possible wrongdoing and market performance. These reports are used to examine and improve the economic function of a particular market. Market monitoring basically works as a surveillance and evaluation screen to root out and identify instances where markets did not perform as intended or were engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

This strategy helps keep markets functioning well and ensures a level playing field for all the parties within a market. This might not seem helpful for your marketing strategy, but the act of identifying these factors within the medical market can help you optimize your own marketing strategy with ease. Below, Julian Narchet, a marketing and mass communications expert, explains how market monitoring works and how you can help your medical business by using market monitoring to improve and leverage your marketing strategy.

How to Use Market Monitoring for Your Medical Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Market monitoring is like having your finger on the pulse of the market in which you are trying to sell your medical firm. The structure of the current market, as well as the behavior of consumers and other players within it, can affect how you need to sell your firm to your consumers.

Market monitoring reports will reveal consumer behavior related to the costs of medical care, accessibility to medical care, and many other factors. All of this information can help you figure out where to change your business model, from prices to available services. Armed with this information, you can then advertise and promote your firm to the right audience in the right manner.

For example, suppose the market is trending toward telehealth for convenience and a lack of trust in the provider’s post-pandemic offices. In that case, you will see this trend in the market monitoring report. You can then take action on this information and potentially roll out a new telehealth option for your firm.

You will market to this telehealth strategy until the market monitoring process indicates a change or shift toward other care models. Having this information is like being able to read the mind of the public, and these reports and related information can help save you money and effort related to your marketing structure. Market monitoring might not be done for the sake of marketing strategies, but the reports provide useful information that you can leverage for your own medical firm’s marketing strategy.

Taking the guesswork out of building a marketing strategy can save you time and money over the long haul. Using this market-wide information can make it possible to finally stay abreast of the changes that are happening on a daily basis in the healthcare industry.

About Julian Narchet

Julian Narchet is a marketing and mass communications professional, and a Communications Specialist at the University of Miami. He has extensive experience in customer service, market research, academic research, social media, public relations, and event management. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through cooperation with non-profits and healthcare organizations.

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