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In the Business of People: Fia Johansson’s Unique Entrepreneurial Achievements

Meet Entrepreneurial Guru Fia Johansson.

Originally from Iran, Persian entrepreneur Fia Johansson moved to Sweden alone as a young teenager. Within a few years, she learned a language she had no understanding of and built her first company.  Johansson points to her mindset as one of the keys to her success.  “A strong subconscious mind and relentless respect for yourself and true trust in what you are doing. You must always believe you have something to offer and go for it – no matter what.”

Johansson now holds a master’s of psychology and is a psychic detective and licensed private investigator who works closely with law enforcement an intelligence services across the U.S.  In addition to her work as a private investigator and psychic detective, she is a film producer, actor, multi-million-dollar businesswoman and entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and best-selling author.

Johansson has published books with Jack Canfield, Success Strategies, and Brian Tracy, Think Big, just to name a few. She works with celebrities, high-ranking executives, and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, doctors, lawyers, foreign dignitaries, and even U.S. government officials.  This impressive resume is also aided by her philanthropy work as a human rights activist, even speaking at the United Nations.

When asked what her greatest success has been so far, she related, “Creating the life I have from having nothing. Growing up with no family or support system, I believed in myself and my ability to overcome anything. Since I left my home country and moved to Sweden and then the states, I’ve built numerous multi-million-dollar companies, helped tens of thousands of clients achieve their own goals and dreams, all while building a family, too!”

Looking forward, Johansson tries to focus on the daily patterns of success.  “I live my life day to day in the best way I can and try to apply myself as much as possible. One of the ways I see really being able to influence more positive change is through my work in film production. I’m currently a producer of a movie called The Game Masters, which is about human trafficking.”

Finally, as Johansson reflected in an interview on her journey to where she is now, she concluded, “I’ve never relied on anyone to help me. Everything I have is because I worked hard for it. I believed in myself and drove myself to build and create. This is why I believe that everyone, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what your circumstances might be, you have the power to overcome anything and create the life you want, dream of, and deserve.”

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