Inching Steadily Towards Success is James Oresanya’s Brand ‘JCCLUB’.

Breaking through the glass ceiling and reaching the crest of success is not an easy job for someone coming from a not-so-privileged country where opportunities to further career prospects are a rare occurrence.

Still, backed by their passion and fire to prove themselves, some break all barriers and reach where only a few can dream of getting.They fight the gravest of situations, face challenges, and keep going despite life’s adversities that keep kicking them off to dust, but they arise and move ahead with a vengeance, only to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

History has many such individuals who have risen out of nothing and etched their names in gold and are today known for their impeccable work in their areas of interest. We came across one such character who fits the bill perfectly – James Oresanya.

The father of two took on to popular social media platform YouTube to bring forth his story in front of the world how he traveled from his hometown Ketu, Lagos, with empty pockets and a dream to make it big. Today, he stands amongst UK’s best fashion designers who have established his brand, ‘JCCLUB,’ which has taken over the fashion wear industry in a big way.

Such impressive is its line of clothing that social media is abuzz with what collection is slated to come out next from this highly creative fashion brand catching up with enthusiasts all over the country. The brand’s Instagram followers have grown to over 50,000, making it a staggering hit amongst netizens.

The face of Oresanya’s fashion brand is playboy model Rebecca Mcallister. The popularity has grown to such levels that Oresanya has found a spot in Times Square in NYC, which is a significant achievement by all means.

The growing popularity of ‘JCCLUB’ is not only pushing popular models to be the face of the brand, but also influencers are vying for its attention big time. They are expressing their interests to get associated with it.

The journey so far has been satisfying, says Oresanya, who has built his success from scratch. “Just believe in yourself and keep chasing your dreams; success will be yours,” says Oresanya as a parting shot.

Get connected to ‘JCCLUB’ via;
Instagram @Jamesclothing.mcr.

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