Independent Music Artist And Owner Of Cologne Money – Soulja South

Soulja South is an Independent Music Artist and Entrepreneur who lives in Fort Myers, Florida. Soulja South is the owner of Cologne Money which has Cologne and Perfume Fragrance good-smelling Fragrance for Men’s and Women’s.

He is working on his own clothing line; anyone can purchase Merch on his website at even sold a lot of his Cologne and Perfume Fragrance at Big musical events all around Florida and now expanding worldwide.

Soulja South is very inspiring with many great Ideas from his positive and entrepreneurial mindsets. Soulja South came up with the name COLOGNE MONEY in 2012.

He was writing a song for his next mixtape and ended up getting a few t-shirts made, saying “Cologne Money”.

Soulja says: A few days later, I was watching MTV or BET or something like that, and saw a commercial in which Beyonce was showing her new perfume she just came out with a light bulb went off in my head “one of these days I’m going to make a cologne and perfume named Cologne Money!”

He adds: I was dreaming of a scent that makes you feel like you are just getting fresh out of the shower, and ready to take on the world. A beautiful smell, for both men and women.

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