Indi Wijay Founder Of MyCutTV Is On A Mission To Revolutionize Digital Content Creation

Today, anyone with a smartphone or laptop computer essentially has a portable TV studio in their hand. The world’s mass media companies are still reckoning with the upheaval set loose with this technology combined with widespread broadband connectivity.

The bottom line is – anyone has the capability to become a media personality, without needing the backing of giant production companies or access to ad-supported broadcasting slots.

Being able to stream videos from nearly any point on the planet or upload videos you’ve edited and produced with your own gear means more people than ever before can create digital content and get it out there.

This is where MyCutTV takes the stage. Founded by Indi Wijay, MyCutTV believes in creating opportunities for all people everywhere, and looks beyond the hierarchical nature of social media.

Disrupting the Digital Video Space

Who is making money today on traditional TV? More than likely, it’s the executive producers taking a large amount of the profits. But the creative talents who are making the shows a reality are the ones who ironically make the least amount of money.

What’s needed is a fair and accessible way for the real talent to access opportunities, democratization of social content if you will. If they have more options to monetize the video content they create, this can be one of the most disruptive game changers for cretors and viewers alike.

Wijay and the company are hoping to revolutionize the entire online monetization industry by changing how people value themselves and others.

This is not a simple website where people can throw up their videos. There are plenty of places to do that already. As Wijay puts it, “MyCutTV is not a social media platform, rather, it is a transactional based company.” The more plays a person’s video receives, the more money it earns.

The genesis of MyCutTV came about because the founder recognized that in today’s day and age, influencers do not know how to manage their time or money.

In some cases, they are spinning their wheels, doing promotional things for free and making only a very tiny amount of money, if at all. They want to be validated by people as well as earn money they have every right to receive from videos their fans appreciate.

With the potential to reach followers and a convenient and easy way for them to provide financial support, MyCutTV users aiming for the stars will begin by “landing on the moon,” as Wijay remarked. It is a win-win for all involved.

Unleashing the Power of Sports Fans

It’s hard to imagine an entertainment industry with more fan engagement than sports. And there is plenty of money in sports, even at the university level.

Since college athletes need to monetize their skills, success and charisma so they can support themselves and their families, it makes sense that they would turn to a new opportunity with technology-backed micro-funding.

Supporting this notion, the Supreme Court recently ruled that college players can make money now.

Helping College Athletes Capitalize on Their Success

It’s no secret that many successful university-level athletes already start to develop a fan base, well before they are plucked from the ranks to play professional football.

These athletes deserve to profit from the good will they’ve developed with their fans. By uploading their own videos for people to pay for watching, they can chart their own career course, with much greater control. Sports fans are very loyal, which can translate into recurring revenue to the savvy influencer.

For example, Wijay explains that even individuals with meager initial followers can do well. When you “post a video for a dollar, if you get two views, you make a couple dollars.” But then think of what happens when “your follower reruns the video to their 200,000 followers.” If half of those followers watch your video, you will make $100,000.

Perhaps the best part is that since people are subject to lockdowns to reduce the spread of diseases such as the novel coronavirus, their MyCutTV videos can still make money for them, even if they are not permitted to go out in public and meet fans in person.

There’s no need for college athletes to have to participate in marketing activities as if they were in a non-profit organization. There is so much money in advertising and marketing , it would be a shame to miss the opportunity as fame grows and grows.

Using the MyCutTV App

The MyCutTV app is free to download and use. You register to use the app via your Facebook or Twitter account. After your first login, you’ll see that you are not “following” anyone. At this point, you can start following friends. Then, you’ll see their posts appearing in your feed.

Posting a video with the “plus” button after filming with your device or selecting a previously shot video from the camera roll, you are prompted to type in a caption. Then, you have the option to post it or to share the video as a direct message.

Wijay wanted to make sure that end users felt confident about the safety of the videos they post on MyCutTV. Accordingly, the transaction platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, providing extremely high security protection. Creators’ content and their earnings are safeguarded in the robust cloud computing services network.

What’s more, the redundant capability of using AWS means creators can remain confident that users can view their videos with no downtime or service interruptions.

Discover MyCutTV Today!

The opportunity for an influencer to start earning more money and gain greater control over interactions with fans is a major motivation for people to use a transaction platform designed to meet their needs.

The best way to learn more about MyCutTV is for people to experience it for themselves.

For more information, visit the MyCutTV home page and download the app today.

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