Indian Actor and Model Satyyaa Patel Is Quickly Becoming an Integral Part of the Entertainment Industry in India

Satyyaa Patel whose real name is Satish Chandra M Patel was born on the 15th of August in the year 1992 to a very traditional and orthodox Gujarati Hindu family. Born and brought up in the town of Pusad in the Yavatmal district in Maharashtra, Satyyaa Patel had never thought that he would become such a people’s favourite and that too at such a young age.

After basic schooling in Shriram Asegaonkar school in Pusad, Patel went on to pursue his diploma in mechanical engineering from MSBTE Mumbai University. The change from such a highly focused science-based academic line to a career in a purely artistic industry came as a shock to many including Satyyaa himself.

However, this realisation was a long time coming as the young man had always had quite a passion for fashion and would often be complimented for his good looks and talent.

To date, Patel has contributed to many shoots,fashion show events and brand deals. In 2018, he received the title of “Mr Gujarat fashion stylist of the Year”. Having such a renowned title awarded to him has propelled Satyyaa Patel into instant fame.

He has become a household name and received many offers to work with some of the directors, photographers and fashion show organisers in the industry.

Patel made his acting debut with the Hindi short film “Regret- no chance for remorse”. He has gone on to act in other Character role in Gujarati television and Skitplay Drama and also players lead role in Hindi web series called Black Sadi.

He walked on Ramp as a Show Stopper at India’s Top Model 2021 Finale Night for Bollywood designer Mr. Mahesh Kavadiya’s Brand LG-Palace.he has also judged India’s Top Model 2021 and many other fashion show contest in Gujarat.

One of the biggest shows that he has been on is ‘Gujarat’s Got Talent Season 1’ and ‘Next Supermodel of Gujarat, 2020’ and Glamour of Gujarat Season 2, Pride of Gujarat 2019, Face of Vadodara 2019 by Inorbit Mall. When asked about the future of cinema in these extremely trying times of the covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing lockdown conditions, Satyyaa Patel gives a very straightforward and truthful response.

He says that just because we aren’t able to go outside to watch movies doesn’t mean that the culture of watching movies every Friday is dead. Instead, in many aspects, it has been made better with easily available ott or over the top streaming services. Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar, zee5 and the likes have been doing a lot to keep the cinema industry up and about.

Satyyaa Patel has hopped on this trend as well and has recently released his latest Hindi Web series called Black Sadi. The process of auditioning while maintaining covid-19 regulations for this project was definitely something new for Patel. However, now that the series has launched, it has been receiving quite good reviews.

Satyyaa Patel is an undeniably charming and attractive young man and has many beautiful women swooning over him. However, Patel has put matters of the heart aside in favour of focusing on his career.

He says that since he has worked so hard to reach the position that he is at today he is determined to first and foremost make an even bigger name for himself and work with of the most critically acclaimed artist in the film industry before he loses his workaholic nature to a more romantic one.

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