Indian Entrepreneur Khushwant Singh, Speaks About Investment on Revolutionizing the Cosmetic Industry With Gufo

The market value of the Indian e-commerce industry is estimated to reach 200 billion dollars by the year 2027, amongst which the Indian cosmetics industry is said to be valued for 20 billion dollars by the year 2025, these statistics speak volumes about the cosmetic industry which takes a huge chunk of the entire e-commerce market of India.

It can be understood that the Indian e-commerce has a skyrocketing future ahead of it and entails to a huge consumer base.

The man in frame today, Khushwant Singh, a 22 year old from Jalandhar, India, is a visionary e-commerce expert who has reaped the fruits of starting very early in his career. He began his journey in the year 2012 and has now acquired hands-on experience in understanding, identifying and acing the nuances of the Indian e-commerce and consumer market.

Absorbing and then subsequently penning down this value laden career of over 9 years, the E-Commerce geek is also set to launch his book on Indian consumer behaviour in a few months.

He has also spearheaded the process of building a consumer base and working towards developing e-commerce brands in his career extensively. During this journey, he came across theconcept of GuFo Naturals and after understanding the horizon of the brand, he invested into it to take it to new heights.

The thoughtfully curated brand GuFo naturals, founded by Asheeta Singh is a one of it’s kind range of handpicked natural products that have the ancient tinge to them.

“GuFo is no regular cosmetic brand, other than being completely derived from nature similar to the age of kings and queens, the ingredients and practises behind GuFo is to make Indians experience the magnificence of imperial cosmetics that will in turn give them a sense of luxury and will also lead to increasing their confidence about themselves.

When I heard the idea, I was certain that I wanted to invest in something of this sort, such kind of products have a lot of value attached to them and therefore have a huge scope in the Indian consumer market”, says Khushwant Singh.

Certainly, the vision behind the brand coupled with the impeccable foresight of Khushwant Singh will go a long way in making the brand reach the zenith in the similar way in which the former e-commerce expeditions of the stalwart had seen a tremendous response. GuFo Naturals is set to be the name synonymous for ancient luxury that serves its consumers right.

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