Indian Entrepreneur, Vivek Malik launches a new PR firm, Reputique’ which will focus on PR for his Indian and overseas clientele

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The relationship between media and public relations companies is a symbiotic one, with both parties receiving assistance and support from one another in a variety of ways.

Media outlets are the vehicle used to carry the PR message. In their absence, PR companies would be unable to convey credible communication with the public, and the press coverage every PR specialist seeks for their clients would be impossible to deliver. That said, while PR specialists cannot survive without the media outlets, too, can benefit from PR teams providing them with content, including when they need to fill space and air-time.

Vivek Malik, a well known PR strategist and founder of Big Data Marketers today announced the launch of Reputique, an International PR firm aimed at getting his clients acknowledged by national and international media houses with in-house content creation offering a variety of services for individuals, brands and companies associated with him.

The Reputique will be operational from India, UK, Canada and USA with firm partners, Sidharth Roy, Harry and Hillton situated in the UK, Canada and USA respectively.

The Value proposition of Reputique is based on fame and reputation management both online and offline, with a pan-India presence of the team for delivering high-impact PR campaigns. To begin with, the Reputique will have 3 key service offerings – Strategic PR, Reputation Management and Social Media PR.

About the relevance of Reputique as a PR firm offering, Vivek Malik, Director of the firm, said, “In a post-COVID world, there is a renewed commitment amongst Entrepreneurs and Public figures to drive message-led PR campaigns.”

Businesses also realise their growth is increasingly linked to brand and social communication. Public Relations has always been about doing good and then getting credit for it. We are very confident that this practice will add immense value to our clients in particular, and the business development at large with a positive public image.

Vivek also asserts for any newly minted PR executive, it’s important to remember the media is a powerful tool. Any type of negative reporting has a direct effect on a person’s image or company’s reputation.

Yet, those same attributes that can be detrimental to one’s success can also take clients to the next level. Businesses at all stages can benefit from PR, whether they’re aiming to build credibility, gain visibility or show authority within a specific niche.


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