Indian Journalist Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit Shares Insights on the Future of Journalism

Journalism is not so easy to do, it is only the person who knows this thing what we want to say and what to listen to on a live video. There is a lot of fear that something may not be said.

First, news publications need to figure out how they will be funded for most live video, online advertising is no longer lucrative enough to stay afloat, subscription fees are probably the answer, but this can be hard to manage as many readers will turn to free sites instead

Journalists have to contend with recent allegations of fake news Trust in the media is at an all-time low and it’s hard to know when this will return. We still need to report the facts, even if some people don’t like them. We can not let misinformation rule.” In addition, news outlets are working as hard as they can to keep readers’ attention. It’s much easier to simply read headlines. “Clickbait does not answer, but we need to figure out how to engage audiences, whether that be better pictures, more videos, or interesting and new perspectives.

Today we are talking about Mr. Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit is a resident of the small village of Tinwari in Jodhpur district, Rajasthan who is a student of journalism, as well as doing journalism and social work for the purpose of social concern for the last few years, Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit is a very well-known personality in the world of sports, and politics. More than his political journalism he is popular for taking bold views that are unconventional and different from the regular approach, he says that he loves involving in social concern and he would do it all through his life.

Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit said that during the Corona crisis, most people in urban areas are seen wearing face masks and following social distancing, but there is still a lack of awareness in rural areas. Especially the women working in the Social distancing can be seen sitting together in a herd under the shade of a tree.  These women also do not use masker masks in such a situation, Satyendra has published 5000 pamphlets to spread awareness.

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