Indian Player Atul Raghav Becomes the First Taekwondo Player to Participate in Heroes Cup

Atul Raghav won a Bronze award in G-2 Fujairah Dubai 2020

The Corona time was hard for the players. The game’s complex stayed shut and no spot was found for training with individual players. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) led three-day determination preliminaries at the Sports Authority of India Lucknow Regional Center from April 15 to April 17 for the Taekwondo players.

8 male and 8 female players are chosen for the Tokyo Olympics. Taekwondo Player Atul Raghav couldn’t make it to the last anyway he misses the Olympic quantity for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 yet got chosen for the Hero’s Cup 2021 which will be in Bangkok, Thailand.

Already, Atul Raghav won a Bronze award in G-2 Fujairah Dubai 2020 and turned into the most youthful player to take part in the G-Ranked title. Atul Raghav denoted the set of experiences as he is the lone Taekwondo Athlete from Ghaziabad who took an interest and won a Bronze award in G-Ranked titles. Some time ago Atul didn’t have a uniform. He acquired from his seniors for his first competition. In his eighth grade, without telling his folks, he used to go to Mahamaya Stadium ordinarily with his companion to learn MMA. In the wake of observing a few classes, Atul began having a go at learning it himself.

He watched recordings of blended hand to hand fighting and got intrigued by it. Since he didn’t get legitimatepreparing for the absence of foundations, he rehearsed it himself. An independent man, he rehearsed and finished an essential MMA course in 2017. Atul transformed into a taekwondo competitor and accomplished a great deal in a brief timeframe.

Subsequent to winning the Bronze at the Taekwondo Championships held in Dubai at the G-2 International Fujairah in January, arrangements for the Heroes International Taekwondo Championship to be held in Bangkok Thailand in the long stretch of August. In the interim that the lockdown halted all wearing exercises because of the Corona emergency in the centre. Atul Raghav says that he is continually rehearsing to improve the game. In any case, the shortfall of mats at home represents a danger of slipping. Players of different games are likewise rehearsing practically speaking to keep their practice alive.

Starting out his career in 2017 as an inter-school player, Atul Raghav never even imagined that he would reach such an international level one day. However, he came through every challenging situation, winning gold medals in not just district, state and national levels, but also in international champions. He is one of the best athletes to ever represent the CICSE board twice, bagging a number of medals for them. A pride for the country, and also the board, Atul Raghav has come a long way and has much more to achieve in the future ahead of him

We have some other appearances for Atul Raghav. One was way back when he won a bronze medal in G2 Fujairah Dubai 2020, this made him the youngest player to participate in such a G ranked championship. Moreover, this put him in the limelight for a long time, people recognised Atul Raghav as an accomplished individual who is capable of doing more with his talents.

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