Indispensable Lessons Learned from Global Masterminds

Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur who’s leaving normal behind and becoming the best version of himself by creating things that matter.

He’s one of the Internet marketing greats who has done multiple 7-figures online.

Yanik is different from most successful Internet marketers who are content with their automated lifestyle.

He has a bigger why that’s compelled him to leave the Internet marketing industry and grow into social entrepreneurship to accomplish his goal of taking the worlds 100 biggest global issues and making a dent in them by 2100.

Since childhood, he has always thought differently. He immigrated to the United States from Russia at three years old and never followed the traditional path.

He was always entrepreneurial and started working as a teen. At 14, he was cold calling as a telemarketer and eventually transitioned to medical equipment sales and assisting his father with his service company.

Life changed for Yanik when he was exposed to Earl Nightingale, one of the founding fathers of personal development. He learned a lesson that every person needs to know, especially those of you in business:

“If you think like everyone else, then you are going to end up like everyone else. The only way you can end up being extraordinary is by being extraordinary.”

It was the first time Yanik read words that succinctly described how he felt. Yanik asked himself how he could make money and make a difference at the same time.

He realized that if you have a bigger mission that drives community and culture revenue comes because people choose to buy instead of feeling sold. The key is understanding that it’s much better to get rich by enriching others 10x to 100x their return.

As Zig Ziglar says, “If you can help other men and women get rich, then you most certainly will also be rich”. Being happy and content in the moment within the journey is a secret key to happiness. It is all about the journey. There is no destination, for even when a destination is reached, it is our human nature to set our eyes on the next destination.

The journey and the process are the greatest and most fulfilling missions. This understanding is key to managing your emotional state. The emotional state of a leader affects everything, and as a leader, you have to take time out for yourself to recharge. Yanik suggests the practice of meditation, yoga and journaling. Each activity aids in managing your energy.

Journaling is his favorite exercise. It is scientifically proven to make you happier. You feel a sense of accomplishment after creating a beginning, middle, and end as you offload mental energy. There is a sense of serendipity when you see how your life pans out and you refer back to your journal days, weeks, months, or even years later.

Yanik shared some incredible insights with me that are imperative for you to internalize.

The Best Tips He Shared for Founders

  • Be open to the nudges you feel of your inner genius, and take action now. If you can find the joyfulness or the art, then there is beauty in it. Joy feels like you are fully utilizing all your thinking and your talents.
  • Let go, and lose the attachment to the outcome. When you put your full heart and soul into something, that is the greatest reward.
  • Do not rush. There is no reason to get stressed that it has to happen at this time. It takes time.
  • Trust your intuition when you get that really big nudge. If there is some staying power and the idea or nudge lasts more than a night, you should check it out.
  • If you do not prepare, then you prepare to fail. When the idea comes, you have to be prepared and be ready for it. You need to put yourself in the position to execute on the big idea. Researching, practicing, growing, etc.

Yanik is friends with some of the world’s most influential people, and he’s learned what it takes to reach success and make money while also making a difference.

Yanik’s 3 Characteristics of a Successful Founders

  1. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They realize that they do not know everything and are open to learning.  Growth.
  2. They stand for something bigger than themselves. They have a bigger mission for impact, growth, and change. Very collaborative.
  3. They add an element of fun.

As our interview ended, I asked Yanik to share three truths about life that he would

Yank’s 3 Truths About Life

  1. Follow your heart. Be true to yourself. It is often scary, but never wrong.
  2. You cannot live your life for someone else.
  3. Teach the way by living the way. Authenticity.

Yanik is a global game changer who is leaving normal behind and becoming the best version of himself by creating things that matter.

His Maverick1000 mastermind group is revolutionizing the world. His most recent passion project is helping take an entire African village out of poverty by creating a microcosm of entrepreneurial businesses that can make any village self-sustaining with his project Evolved Enterprise.

Think Different. Follow Your Heart. Be Grateful. Patience Is Important. Have fun.


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