Indisputably Becoming the Music Sensation in 2021 With his R&B Trap Track ‘Vitals’ is a Rising Musical Artist Tea Sea

It is always quite surreal to learn about all those individuals who exude a different level of energy, vibe, and tenacity when it comes to their passion and their areas of interest. All these individuals have gone ahead in making a unique name for themselves with their strong self-belief and their confidence to take over their dreams and turn the same into a beautiful reality.

The music industry is one such space that has welcomed innumerable such talented beings, but only a few rare gems go ahead in creating an incredible success story for themselves in the vast and ever-evolving industry.

One name that has been buzzing high lately in the music space is Tea Sea from the US, who not only believed in his visions for music but also backed it with his passion and worked around the same with relentless efforts to create magic with music and emerge as an impeccable musical talent.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of music, and Tea Sea says,

The mere thought of connecting with people on the deepest levels and impacting them profoundly through the power of music, always thrilled me. This took me deeper into the field and motivated me to create something different with each of my tracks.

His musical talents can be proved by his latest R&B trap track named ‘Vitals’, which is making listeners fall in love with him and the song instantly for the ace singer’s abilities to evoke many emotions.

As the songwriter and singer for Vitals, Tea Sea confesses, he has poured his soul and heart into creating this track, which stands special from the rest as it is inspired by a woman, who stimulated various feelings in him, which he confesses he never felt before. The feelings of affection kept building up for the girl, which can also be felt in the song, along with the anxiety in his voice.

Born in Norfolk, VA, and now MD-residing musical talent, Tea Sea debuted in the year 2018 with his independent mixtape named “Kaleidoscope Jellyfish”. However, his passion for writing had begun at a very early. Tea Sea was a spoken-word poet who performed at the 2012 Festival Internationale de Louisiane and even published his lyrics in poetry anthologies.

Tea Sea can’t contain his excitement enough to release his upcoming songs this year and is also working towards collaborating with other artists and sign a major recording label deal, which can take his career to the next level.


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