Inexpensive Ways To Make Outdoor Curtains On Your Own

If you are in the middle of a tight budget schedule but have to change the old worn-out outdoor curtain right away, then the internet offers some of the cheapest DIY methods for it. Using some simple steps will make the outdoor curtains look custom-made. All you need are some lucrative fabric materials and an inexpensive outdoor curtain rod to create the final results. Moreover, creating these curtains is perfect if you want to maintain your privacy and keep the intruders away from peeping through the windows.

You have the outdoor canvas curtain as your first choice:

Most people would think of using outdoor canvas for manufacturing the curtains. It is made for the outdoor versions and noted to be relatively inexpensive when compared to other outdoor materials. But still, there are some investments from your pocket that you need to watch out for. Moreover, the canvas fabric is a bit stiff, so it might not be an easy option to tie back when needed.

Using the drop cloth for making curtains:

If canvas curtain is not your cup of tea, then drop cloth is the most preferred fabric material widely used by curtain manufacturers these days. Try to look for the medium-weighted drop cloths available from your nearby Home Depot, mainly in the paint section. These are pretty inexpensive, and you can get around 2 packs for just 10 bucks!

  • Make sure to cover your measurements first, as that’s the main point while making a DIY curtain. You want the curtain to cover your entire window or door section, and it should not leave any space not covered.
  • When you are done with the fabric selection, it is time to focus on the spray paints for the same. Adding a touch of color will enhance the look and value of the curtain even more. You can use any color you want, whether in subtle hue or in vibrant options.
  • You will need the painter’s tape as you can’t skip that! Getting the best quality painter’s tape at this point is a crucial step to address. Then you have paper bags to be added to the list of necessary items used for making curtains.

The steps that you need to follow:

If this is your first time ever making outdoor curtains, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps well to get desired results.

  • Take measurement of your space first.
  • Then start working on the bottom hem.
  • For the third step, use the spray paints and start painting the designs you want on the curtains.
  • Finally, hang your creation on the DIY curtain road.

The steps are pretty simple, and anyone with an artistic approach can create curtains on their own. But for some unique designs, it is better to catch up with the curtain manufacturing houses. They offer you some of the most lucrative designs without burning a hole in the pocket. So, get one for your daily use right away!


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