Influencer Marketing Brand, Valeur Management, Signs Nadya As Client And Announces Website Launch

Valeur Management, a full-suite online marketing and influencer marketing platform that provides everything from campaign management and content creation, to reputation management and influencer acquisition, this week excitedly announced they have signed Nadya as one of their clients.

On a mission to launch the brand internationally this year as well, Valeur Management announced that their new website, which is currently in development, will be done and released at the end of May. The website will make it easy for clients, as well as influencers, to do business from anywhere in the world.

“At the conclusion of our first quarter in business, we have discovered that more brands and entrepreneurs than ever before are in need of this kind of marketing support,” said Alden Graetz. “As passionate marketers, influencers, and social media gurus ourselves, we are happy to provide this kind of insight and community to our clients, who are intent on using the digital connectivity of today to their advantage.

”Valeur Management is a full-service management agency focused on providing top-quality experiences to their talent. The brand also provides career development, monetization, and lifestyle advisement, boasting a roster of 20+ influencers excelling in their respective niches today. Combined, the 20+ influencers bring an audience of over 30 million people to the table.

“As the studies have shown: 89% of marketers surveyed say ROI from influencer marketing is the same or better than other marketing channels. The results speak for themselves. Stay tuned for the launch of our interactive website later this spring,” said Graetz.

Valeur Management is looking to collaborate with more influencers in the coming months.

For those interested in applying, please visit:

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