Influencer Nikita Karizma Merges Contemporary Fashion with Healthy Ways of Living Using a “Style Infused with Self-Care” Approach

Nikita Karizma, the well-known fashion designer behind the namesake designer brand, graduated with 1st Class Honours from London College of Fashion in 2011. She was propelled into the fashion elite after Nicole Scherzinger’s stylist saw her graduating collection and commissioned her to design items for Little Mix.

With establishing her high-end label ‘Nikita Karizma’ and her commercial fashion line ‘Karizma,’ Nikita has already accomplished a lot. Her creations have been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton & Lady Gaga in Hollywood.

Her creations are recognized for their glamorous, high-voltage style, flattering fits and defying the standard fashion form. She works with a variety of textiles. Nikita is located in London, where she designs for her designer brand and a commercial diffusion line, both.

Nikita runs her brand with the message of ‘Style Infused with Self-Care.’ She promoted the usage of restorative materials and textures for making fashion wear and other fashion accessories. She has always been creating her collection that highlights women’s self-care.

Her collections, for instance, explore the concepts of love and enthusiasm, with one titled ‘Earth Collection: Fire’ focusing on the fire element as represented via creative warmth. According to Nikita Karizma, how a woman walks and composes herself may reveal a lot about her confidence; therefore, she created this line to encourage the user to embrace the well-being of our relationships to give and receive warmth and delight.

Her design came into the limelight after many famous celebrities preferred wearing Nikita Karizma on several big occasions. The Kardashians on various events, Paris Hilton on her music video with Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga wearing Nikita Karizma are some of the leading examples.

The designer brand has grown into what it is now due to numerous communicative processes, projects, and partnerships with personalities that have a positive impact. She incorporates all she’s learned from working with the most amazing women globally into her work.

She makes stunning items that make women feel attractive, confident, and unique from the inside out. Women may use their personal looks and strong personalities to empower themselves and express their positive voices with the world using Nikita Karizma as their fashion wear.


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