Influencer Strategist Nathan Sanahuja Explains How to Leverage Social Media to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

The marketing game has changed throughout the years. Right now, if you want to reach new heights, then you’ve got to use social media marketing. It has become the holy grail of marketers. Nathan Sanahuja, the CEO of NS Media, believes that proper leveraging of social media can take your brand to the next level.

Nathan Sanahuja isn’t your typical marketer. He is a young boy from France who has changed the face of social media marketing. His company NS Media has helped build many brands through influencer marketing.

Marketing can get overwhelming during this age of social media. Nathan says – ” We know how tedious it can be to contact influencers and manage campaigns.” That’s why NS Media steps in to become the savior of the day.

It acts as a bridge between the brand and the influencer. Nathan shared his vision behind creating NS Media – ” I created NS Media with the sole objective of giving my clients access to the best influencers for their brand and exploding their online sales.”

Finding the right influencer for your brand is a lot of work. NS Media takes the guesswork out of the lengthy process and chooses the right influencer for you. Their job doesn’t end there. Nathan Sanahuja and the team make sure you, the influencer, creates the appropriate content that is relevant to your brand.

Moreover, the team keeps track of the fails and wins so that they can build a successful content strategy for your social media. Nathan has shared his experience on how to leverage social media and take your brand to the next level.

He advises on creating a consistent brand image. Nathan says – “You might want to ensure that you have consistent branding across multiple social media platforms and your company. Your logo or theme should be recognizable as people transition across multiple platforms.”

Consistent brand imaging means people will associate your brand more readily, and you will make a lasting impression. The second important thing that you must do to improve your social media marketing is to focus on your niche. Do not focus on a broad subject but a target audience.

Nathan advises that if handling many social media accounts takes a toll on you, then it is alright to focus on just one or two. Make sure you choose an account that will score you the most results. “Please, Do not delete your accounts,” – he says.” But let them rest for a little while and start focusing on the one or two most important social media accounts. This way, you’ll have valuable content coming out that will help to increase engagement on your social media.”

Nathan and the NS team believe that content is the king. Creating a long-term content plan for your social media is essential. “Create a plan and stick with it,” says Nathan. You won’t start seeing results as soon as you post content. But consistency will pay off.

Influencer marketing is the hottest marketing trend right now, and it is here to stay. If you aren’t already in the social media marketing game, you should get into it ASAP and reap the benefits of it.

Nathan Sanahuja has years of experience in this field of influencer marketing; he has worked with big-shot celebrities like Khloe K. He may be young in years, but is a powerpack of creativity and hard work. NS Media is his venture to bridge the gap between brands and influencers.

NS Media has more than five years of experience in influencer marketing, with a network of 1,500 influencers and several thousands of successful campaigns. If you are looking to try out influencer marketing for your brand, then contact Nathan Sanahuja right away. He and his team at NS Media will deliver promising results to you in no time.

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