Inna Mel is on a Mission to Save You From All the “Mr. Wrongs” and Find “Mr. Right”

If you’ve been searching for your soulmate and its just got too hard, all those first dates that feel like  job interviews and having to tell your life story over and over.

Career women often give up on love after esteem draining and frustrating dates like that or the dates where you feel it’s going to work out and then you never hear from them again.

Work becomes an area of your life which gives you more satisfaction and less irritation, and its just easier to devote all your energy to that, rather than wasting more time on what seems to be a fruitless search.

Inna Mel had been on the same journey and had also seen her parents divorce and then both remarry, her mother to someone who was her soulmate.  She has witnessed at first hand a toxic relationship and then a truly happy pairing.

She was intrigued by the dynamics of relationships and having had her own relationship ups and downs, decided to research the science of the subject and from that began a career of relationship coaching.

She had experienced the all too familiar situation of single, successful women choosing partners who were completely wrong for them, leading to pain and heartbreak. This can become a repetitive pattern and each time it happens the self esteem and confidence levels drop and it becomes harder to try again.

Because this reflected her own experiences, she has a deep empathy for women who find themselves in this situation.

Add to that society’s fixation on “the biological clock”, creating a sense of urgency to find the “Mr. Right” and start producing offspring before time runs out.  It’s frustrating to keep wasting time on the “Mr. Wrongs” when that tricky little clock is ticking away.

Inna Mel can help with her 8-week coaching program, “Conscious and Intuitive Dating” helping women to get their confidence back and find their perfect partner.

This is done by re-evaluating their thinking on love itself, their own self worth and digging deep to gain a clear understanding of what they really want and what’s holding them back. 

It also involves getting to know themselves and understanding their core values and personality. They need to ask questions such as “what triggers your emotions, what needs do you have?”  

Gaining a clear insight into these aspects of YOU means you are more able to make decisions in line with your true self and your core values. Understanding your emotions make it easier for you to control them and potentially change unhealthy emotional habits.

Inna Mel is passionate about helping women to be more in control of their needs and emotions, allowing them to only expect the best from their relationships, rather than being at the mercy of self doubt and insecurity, and continuing to believe that the fault in the relationship is theirs.

She likes to see her skills and experience being used to help women attract and find their perfect mate and enjoy a healthy, loving relationship.

You can contact her on her website or via social media @iaminnamel

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