Innovation, Idea, Imagination: The Story of Cargloss in Bhuj.

Be honest, many of us have cars but how many of us know what is car detailing? Not many. Even lesser people knew about in Bhuj when Devang Kirit Bhai Thacker started his dream project CARGLOSS. But did stop him from dreaming? No.

Back in 2019, there wasn’t even a single car detailing studio in the entire ,huge region of Bhuj. For car owners, servicing and washing were enough. That was the biggest challenge to the business idea of Devang Kirit Bhai Thacker. How to sell car detailing to people who don’t know what actually a car detailing is? He says, “I have sold shoes in places where people didn’t know what are its benefits.”

He took up the challenge and proved once again that hard work, vision, and innovation always pay. He started CARGLOSS on 1st September, 2019. The quality of his work soon started to get acclaimed and the number of his clients grew exponentially. People were so satisfied with his services that now, after a year and a half, he is planning to open more showrooms across Gujarat and India to meet public demand. He already has a huge showroom of around 1200sq ft which gets a minimum of 2-3 clients per day. You read that right.

“We are planning to start 1 more showroom in Gandhidham-Kachchh-Gujarat within 1-2 months. Future plans are to provide franchise in all over Gujarat as well as all over India.” He was heard sharing his plans. He already has a GST number and has got CARGLOSS trademarked.

His success story shows that no challenge is big enough in front of people who work hard. Such people are inspirations for others and CARGLOSS is an example for new businesses.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.