Innovative Startup Leads Online Education 2.0 with Live Video Learning Experiences

Online education was able to help students and teachers around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. If anything, it shared a glimpse of the potential for a new world of learning that isn’t as much predicated on traditional educational institutions, but instead alternative formats of gaining knowledge.

Gura, a livestreaming platform built for premium learning experiences, has taken an innovative approach to advancing the art of knowledge sharing on the internet. The startup launched in mid-June, is looking to lead the way for a democratized platform of live knowledge through video.

“Like any other industry, we believe that online education is in the early stages of not just wider adoption, but of a transition to online learning 2.0. What we’ve seen in 1.0 is the traditional on-demand formats of pre-recorded content. But there’s a lot of downside to this format, as many learners need discussion and social interaction to retain knowledge. Not to mention the ability to ask questions in realtime and earn feedback just as fast. Live video learning will do this.” says Marc Milberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Gura.

Gura allows anyone the ability to run a live learning business, from powering up a live session, selling virtual tickets, and getting paid out through the platform. The barriers to entry for getting started in the online learning space for the average person have been significantly reduced. In 1.0, on average, it takes 2-3 months to scope, edit, and shoot an online course. With Gura’s live format, you can be setup to run your session and sell virtual tickets in minutes.

Marc Milberg continues, “creators that have built engaged audiences can start to implement a knowledge vertical into their content repertoire through Gura’s live sessions. Whether you’re a musical artist or a cook, your audience wants to learn to do what you do.”

Not only does Gura want to help guide the future of online learning, but they’ve built an infrastructure of “donating for good.” Hosts on Gura have the ability to donate a percentage of their earnings to a cause. When this happens, Gura will also donate 1% of its earnings to the same cause as that session. It’s a platform that’s dedicated to learning and doing good.

The future of online education is looking very bright. With interactive and livestreaming formats, people are able to learn in a way that suits them better than the individualized pre-recorded content format of online education 1.0. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Gura.

If you want to host your own session, go to Also, if you think you know someone that would make a great host, Gura’s “Refer a host, Earn $20” is in play.

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