Innovative Transformational Entrepreneur Shares his Vision for a Better World

In a society that has become consumed with a me-first attitude and a desire to get ahead at all costs, it is refreshing to find individuals who are devoted to creating a better world where business leaders and entrepreneurs believe in inclusiveness and selflessness. They practice transformational leadership and entrepreneurship which are ideas that promote emotional empowerment and social value for the world.

Transformational entrepreneur George Mason Lantay is one such leader who is committed to making a global impact. Lantay, who is the founder of Heroes of Purpose, a masterclass for coaches, healers, and personal development experts to help them grow their business, believes in transformational entrepreneurship as a tool for a better world. He has served as CEO in 4 successful transformational company launches, was featured in Mindvalley for his work in bridging transformation with business and has coached bestselling authors and award-winning coaches in his 10 years of professional experience in the transformational industry.

Too often, entrepreneurs practice a separation mindset. They do not combine the transformational work they do for clients with the everyday components of their business. This often makes leaves them out of touch and stuck. Lantay shares his suggestions on how entrepreneurs who want to be a part of a changing world can achieve transformation in their business. These points are further expounded on in his Heroes of Purpose masterclass.

Show Up as The Person Your Clients Want to Work With

Lantay expresses that leaders who show up fully are one of the only things that matter. He encourages participants in his program to embody the full potential of who they are meant to be while structuring their work in a way that changes the lives of their clients and leaves the entrepreneur with personal time to develop. Great business leaders must hone their ability to step into the person they are.

Connect Deeply with Your Ideal Clients

Intertwined with showing up is forming a deep connection with clients. Deep connections with clients foster customer loyalty and most importantly trust. When clients trust you, they will continue to work with you. Lantay, who also actively lives by this rule when dealing with his own clients, consistently encourages them to become crystal clear on who their ideal or “soulmate” clients are. Participants should discover the deepest challenges and desires of these clients and learn to enroll them in a program from a place of life-changing leadership. According to Lantay, “people who come to me don’t want to grow their business just with a coach. They want to do so in a community of like-minded leaders who lift each other up.” This then translates into the way that people deal with their customers.

Choose Emotional Empowerment

George’s work combines grounded strategy with emotional empowerment to enable his clients to achieve results ranging from booking out their practice to 10xing their income and feeling like a completely upgraded versions of themselves. This after only a couple of months working with him. Once you’ve made a connection with your clients and understand how you can serve them, this will help you to attract clients consistently on autopilot. By doing so, you can achieve effortless flow in all aspects of business and focus on the parts of your venture that you love. Lantay believes that transformational leaders can create the life they want for themselves without sacrificing the emotional aspects of their humanity.

“That’s why emotional empowerment is such an integral part of the Heroes of Purpose. We can use whatever strategies and frameworks we want, however, what truly makes people succeed is how powerfully they are able to express themselves and how deeply they are able to listen,” shared George.

George wants to empower all who are willing to take the leap to become transformational leaders in their business and, by extension, make the world a better place for each and every one of us.

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