Inside DripCreationz Custom Shoe and Apparel Empire

Consumer demand in the fashion industry has shifted to a more conscious and individualized approach. From bespoke clothing to customized apparel, more people are swaying away from fast fashion towards luxury items that are not produced in mass. The benefits of customization typically include higher-quality products that are handcrafted, customized after-market, and or artisan. 

California is one of the epicenters of fashion trendsetting, along with Tokyo and New York, representing $4.4 billion spent on labor in the sector annually. At the intersection of culture and customization is DripCreationz, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) apparel company that customizes shoes, hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories. 

Since launching in 2017, DripCreationz has amassed over 100,000 clients and just reached 1 million followers on Instagram. The company has worked with over 500 of the world’s biggest influencers, including Logan Paul and Sommer Ray. Despite being just three years old, DripCreationz has created a product suite of collections and has now started to design and develop a signature sneaker that should be released later in the year.

Built From a Place of Authenticity 

DripCreationz was the brainchild of three entrepreneurs: Ilene Arellano, Frankie Quiroz, and Brian Porter. Hailing from California, the founding team set out to create a brand that was representative of the lifestyle they lived and people they knew. This lifestyle combined art, streetwear, music, and fashion in a quintessential Californian style. 

For DripCreationz, being at the pulse of popular culture helped them notice and anticipate trends and specifically the demand for customization in California’s design and creative communities. Fueling this demand, DripCreationz has released over a dozen collections featuring custom themes that address a wide range of interests. Focusing on both men and women’s shoes, the collections include glitter designs, popular cartoons, floral, reflective, hype, and artist designs, among others. 

The production process at DripCreationz is also focused on quality as every sneaker and article of clothing is custom made upon order and either hand-stitched, painted, or printed depending on the style. This bespoke process results in shipping times that typically take two weeks, but customers are happy to wait given the product is made especially for them. 

To support the growing demand for their products, the team has since expanded to over 30 people that specialize in design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing. Together, the team has been able to build a brand that counts Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and other leading celebrities as fans. 

What Is Next for DripCreationz

With the 1 million Instagram follower milestone just hit, the team is continuing to focus on social media as a way of interacting with their customers. Currently, DripCreationz maintains active profiles on Instagram. Tik-Tok, Youtube, and Facebook. Part of the company’s strategy is high-quality content and a desire to listen to what their consumers want. It is not uncommon for DripCreationz fans to request a certain design and later find it available for sale. This commitment to the community has been one of the strongest elements of the brand’s success. 

If you are wondering how the team managed to scale the company so quickly, it should be of no surprise that the founding team of DripCreationz is experienced e-commerce and social media entrepreneurs. In fact, this is not even the first multi-million dollar brand between them. For example, Frankie Quiroz is also a co-founder of Tuned in Tokyo, an automotive apparel company that has sold over 7 figures of merchandise annually for the past few years. 

The company is expecting to continue its focus on product development and continue releasing product lines that are in demand and innovative. Knowing the team, this will likely be one step ahead of popular culture at the time in an effort to capture a market before it exists. With this kind of foresight, DripCreationz has made its place in the customized apparel industry.

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