Inspired by World-Renowned Design Aesthetics, The Nina Takesh Furniture Collection Offers Heirloom Quality Sophistication

A desire to challenge the boundaries of design and architecture using new materials has propelled Nina Takesh to the forefront of the interior design world.  Her innovative approach and bespoke furniture designs stand-out amongst the rest thanks to Nina’s cosmopolitan influences.

Having experienced cultural immersion from living in places such as Beverly Hills, France, Switzerland and Argentina, Nina constantly finds inspiration from her surroundings with an eye for style and an innovative mindset.

Keeping her finger on the pulse comes naturally to Nina – starting her first brand in the business world out of a desire to offer a solution to a problem she had experienced herself. Not being able to find quality baby products, she created a concept store oriented towards luxury baby goods, and the result ‘Petit Tresor’ became one of the most famous baby boutiques known globally.

Staying on top of the ever evolving market, over the years Nina has amassed over 400,000 followers with a presence across multiple social media platforms. She stays connected to her followers further through her Youtube channel called Red Elevator, sharing design secrets and tips to a like-minded community.

Nina has channeled her passion for design and connection to her audience into creating a line of furniture pieces that are hand crafted with beautiful finishes, using the finest materials in their making. Nina Takesh Furniture Collection brings together several interior design elements out of a desire to complement designs with a splash of her talent.

One of the main pieces of the line is the ‘Chantal Serpentine Sofa’ – a contemporary curved sofa that instantly transforms any space with its striking asymmetrical silhouette and sleek curves. This piece  makes the ideal central element within the living room, perfectly blending design beauty with comfort for a stunning result.

Multiple color options such as Ivory Velvet, Mocha Velvet or Boucle ensure flexibility of integration into any interior design and meet the most demanding expectations. Like most of the Nina Takesh Furniture Collection, all of the pieces offered are heirloom-quality, custom items designed and made to the highest standards in Los Angeles by California artisans.

The space where you probably spend most of your time, and where you warmly welcome your guests, wouldn’t be the same without a coffee table to fill the space and complete the room. It fulfills many roles, from the functional and practical one that allows you to serve coffee or a good cake with an interesting guest, to the aesthetic role, that is only if the coffee table is chosen correctly.

One of the latest innovations of the Nina Takesh Furniture Collection is the Harper Nesting Coffee Table, made of 2 component elements that come together as a puzzle to form the coffee table, offering uniqueness and the possibility of arranging together or separately. Available in two color variations for each piece, White Oak or White Lacquer can be combined to complement any space.

Nina continues to expand her furniture collection, taking inspiration from the world around her. To discover more of the collection, visit

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