Inspired From Mythological Ravana — The Story of Abhinav Bhardwaj

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“Good triumphs over evil” – A quote that has been religiously taught to most of the 90’s kids. Because we’ve all grown up on a daily dose of Ramayana, like most of the millennials, haven’t we? The good old Doordarshan was always accompanied by the adrenaline rush of watching the hero kill the evil guy.

For a creative thinker, Abhinav Bhardwaj, the whole narrative of Ramayana was a bit different. The legend of Ramayana was more than just a story. He was genuinely amazed how people could easily label someone evil just because of a particular choice; how can one bad nullify the good they have done all their lives?

As a result, he wanted to know more, and this made him read and discover. This decision seemed tricky, but it helped him to pick his hero. Ravana is the unsung hero, scholar, connoisseur of arts, and thinker who truly dedicated his life to honoring his craft.

“The human brain is programmed so that we tend to notice the difference before the indifferent. Standing out from the crowd and becoming a trendsetter involves understanding the in-vogue trends and making the best out of them through self-creativity to leap forward,” mentioned Abhinav Bhardwaj. “Being rooted in mythology, understanding its essence, and modernizing it with the current enthusiasm is how he works to strategize things.”

“Great deeds done by a lousy person remind us that there is always good in every bad.” Such thoughts have encouraged Abhinav Bharadwaj, a 27-year-old guy from Ghaziabad, to start his career at twenty and get his daily dose of inspiration from Ravana.

After completing his degree in VFX and Animation from Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), Abhinav decided to dedicate his life to encourage and honor the arts in his own life and the lives of people around him.

Abhinav believes that even simple designs have the power to strike chords in the hearts and minds of people that could make a positive change in society. Abhinav drops in great suggestions as well as has designed inspiring creatives for well-known brands like Apple, Paytm, The Cricket Lounge, The Funniest Indian, The Confused Indian, and many more. He has also been designing creatives for the Indian Political Parties and many famous fashion icons on Instagram.

Along with these achievements, he managed to take out time for his creative space on Instagram @Ravanworld, where he has turned his inspiration into a visual story. Check out his pages and stay tuned to get a glimpse of Men’s fashion, design, and lifestyle segments with Creativity. He also successfully has posted humorous and creative reels to get more engagements to reach out to more people. In addition to this, he has an ever-growing count of 20,000 followers on his personal Instagram handle, @Ravanabhinav.

“The motive behind choosing and keeping my name as ‘Ravanabhinav’ was to let people know that every negative thing is initially filled up with positivity, and it grows up to do things in a certain manner. For example, everyone doesn’t have the same fingerprint. Similarly, everyone cannot be forced to see the good in everything.

But it is important to do that for a better living. Just like any other child, I saw things in black and white, thinking one thing is bad and the other thing is good. You must not do that because one always has a past and a strong reason to do something particular.”

Apart from his designing skills, people also look forward to Abhinav’s posts for fashion and styling inspiration. His unusual choices in fashion — vibrant colors, attractive clothes, and shoes, accessories, etc. make him the center of attraction wherever he goes. His distinctive fashion taste and significant following over Instagram have fetched him various fashion deals from popular brands.

Mr. Bhardwaj suggests, “One should use their social media handles in a positive manner. Posts should not be made only for the big number of followers or just to become famous. Instead, social media should be used to spread positive thoughts, encourage others to do ethical deeds, motivate each other, help others to grow, and share happiness with all. Not to forget, every good thing might have something bad and every bad thing definitely has some good. Focus on the good part. Just like the Yin-Yang.”

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