Inspiring Story of a Top Millennial Entrepreneur – Kunal Mehta

Success is viewed as a rarity, a commodity only certain people can achieve. Kunal Mehta saw things differently. He saw a vision of success that he had to pursue, not as a means to an end but as a life goal. His divine purpose is to help others succeed, and lives by the ideal that to achieve what he wants in life, he must help others achieve what they want first.

Born in Mumbai, India, he spent his childhood in Dubai before moving to Toronto at age 11. There he quickly integrated into his community, growing accustomed to the culture and new environment. His first job was selling phones door to door, and his last job taught him a valuable lesson: that working for yourself is a greater cause than working under someone else. He knew he had to pursue his own vision, not live for the vision of another person.

Now, Kunal is an entrepreneur. His business is in foreign exchange market strategies, helping other entrepreneurs and businesses expand their presence from a local level to a global market. He believes in expansion always, and in all ways. 

His primary business operates out of Canada but reaches through North America and over to the UK. It introduces new entrepreneurs to the way of networking and accessing these global markets, leveraging them for their own success. He pushes forward the same mentality that gave him his inspiration to work for himself instead of someone else. Bringing dreams to reality was his calling. Building by helping others and creating generational wealth. 

The way Kunal learned how to succeed was, in fact, through failure. He failed many times. He trusted the wrong people, took calculated risks, that sometimes, as any successful entrepreneur knows, doesn’t always work out. He lost money, but he never lost his vision. He doesn’t qualify what he does as a job. Jobs just need deadlines. A true entrepreneur has a vision that can endure past any failure or mistake. His end goal is to create a fund to assist other entrepreneurs across the world reach the global stage like he did.

Right now, Kunal is doing self improvement. He wakes up at 6 am to do London and New York crossover session trading. Five hours later he works out, which cleanses his mind and improves his body. Good wealth is nothing without good health. After that he dedicates his time to working on business projects. Even his free time is spent on self improvement. 

He puts forward a simple equation: that the income you make is the outcome of the effort you put into yourself. Through self improvement he has gained a greater sense of his capabilities. He’s turned his weaknesses into strengths, and his strengths have become second nature talents. All of this change started when Kunal was first introduced to the world of network marketing. Four weeks taught him more than four years of school and put all his previous failures and accomplishments into perspective. 

Kunal’s success comes from within. His goal is to get others to engage in the same personal exploration and improvement that he went through to motivate themselves to do better and go farther. Entrepreneurship is all about selling the self, a brand image, which then sells products. It’s about having the presentation of the one person that can make a difference because they’ve already made a world of difference for themselves. 

His theory of success is broken down into three main pieces of advice that any entrepreneur needs must apply in their daily lives in order to find success:

  1. Have Vision. Not just for your business, your brand or your influence. Without a vision you shall perish, as it says in the Bible. Kunal believes God put him on Earth to help others in this way, and it drives him forward.
  2. Set a Goal, not as a finish line where you stop, but as a journey that never ends. Always be working towards that ideal and improve your methods every day.
  3. Be Self Disciplined. Don’t rely on anyone to do work for you. Be your own best boss, push yourself to the limit.

Learn more about the man and his plan for success – for you and the world – on Instagram @the.kunalmehta

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