Inspiring Success Story of Sahil Kothari

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Inspiration is a relative term that differs from person to person and has its own subjective intrinsic value. Inspiration opens our eyes to fresh possibilities by helping us to see beyond our everyday experiences and constraints. Inspiration catapults a person from indifference to possibilities and alters our perception of our talents. Because of its elusive character, inspiration is frequently missed.

To inaugurate a spark in the humdrum of people’s lives, Sahil Kothari, founder of Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy which presently has trained more than 50000 students across the country would like to share his story where he will discuss how he made inspiration his life longing friend and why is it crucial to stay motivated on our goals all the time.

Sahil Kothari who hails from Kolkata- The city of Joy, was born on 19th August 1990. Being brought up in a middle-class family, his childhood was never all sunshine and rainbows. He spent the majority of his youth settling down with scanty cashflows and brooding upon choosing the right career path. Sahil Kothari completed his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in commerce while he was also preparing for the Chartered accountancy examination at the same time.

Under the family and societal obligations on completing C.A, he somehow dragged himself in finishing the intermediate level but he was never keen on becoming a chartered accountant and then working for someone in a 9-5 job. Later on, he was compelled to go to Dubai and work in a firm owned by one of his family relatives but just within 4 months, he lost interest and decided to return to India.

Most of his early adulthood was wasted on settling his inner disputes on picking the right career path for himself and making his parents believe in him, but none of that ever worked out. He also started a blogging website in a hope of establishing a career as a blogger, but to his despair, it failed miserably. Even after encountering so many failures, he never lost motivation and kept doing things he was passionate about.

After spending years in the conundrums of chasing the right career, he came across a theory called the Law of Attraction which proved to be a turning point in his life. He was deeply intruiged in the concept of like attracting like and how we as humans are directly responsible for the events happening to and around us all the time, and how we hold the power to achieve anything in life by sheer use of the power of the mind.

After months of practicing this life-changing theory, he bumped upon the idea of opening a training and consultancy firm. The firm initially started with delivering courses on mind power and motivation, it later propelled further by introducing subjects of psychology, mind power, health and wellness, and occult sciences.

“The first few months were a challenge because I managed to bring in only 10 people to enroll for my courses, but my shatterproof belief in educating the masses made it easier for me to keep going on,” he says. “There will be times you will severely doubt yourself, but you need to cancel out all the noises and keep working on your dreams,” he adds further.

After backlashing all the hurdles and roadblocks that came in the way, Sahil Kothari kept scaling up his consultancy firm by collaborating with several international-level trainers like Sumit Rawal and Sidhharrth S Kumaar.

“Making quality occult education within the reach of all, is mission and vision with Sahil Kothari and we are marching ahead in the journey strongly” says , Sidhharrth S Kumaar

His interviews have been covered by several popular media channels and he has now become a role model for thousands of students. Sahil Kothari’s story has proved that by sheer determination and believing in oneself, one holds the power to attain any feats of life.

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