Instagram Star Cherry Dana on the Success of CherryDTV

Social media welcomes everyone with open arms but lifts only those who are thirsty for success and challenges. From driving perceptions to altering concrete mindsets, Instagram, especially, with its instant access to what have you, has contributed to the personal and professional growth of many. One such girl-next-door turned celebrity influencer is Cherry Dana. With over 11K+ followers on her Instagram account CherryDTV, she has made the world sit up and take notice. In this article, she talks about her approach to business and success.

Dana comes from Newcastle where she grew up wanting to be a dancer. The pursuit took her to Mexico and finally Sydney. While studying dance and fitness, she “started in the adult industry as a lingerie waitress for parties to help pay fees. Whilst waitressing, I started in social media.” Dana was aware that something was brewing that she could “hang onto her hopes and dreams and create something that she enjoys and others can enjoy as well.”

Enter CherryDTV which she describes as a “space where her fans can engage with a wide range of topics such as dating, sex, relationships, comedy, personal well-being and more. CherryDTV provides positive insight into the adult industry whilst supporting mental health challenges.” She seems to have undertaken the solo journey to reinvent people’s perception of the adult entertainment industry. Her account is tailor-made for her target audience giving an insight into her understanding of who her fans are, what they want and how to give it to them in the most interesting manner.

CherryDTV might be a quick indulgence of sorts for her loyal fanbase, but for Dana, it is a product of tireless effort, authenticity, and most importantly, a strong mindset. She says, “Mindset is everything! Overcoming obstacles within the business will strain you at times but not as much as the emotional and mental strains that may affect your personal life. Surrounding yourself with a good support system and having a strong vision for an outcome will help you to succeed. ”

While CherryDTV always keeps the temperature soaring, it derives its fame and loyalty from Dana’s ability to “provide personal insight into social media and the adult industry and how I have overcome these challenges to help others who are experiencing and currently struggling with the same issues.” She clearly knows how to enjoy her success. She tells, “At times, I can get so caught up in the now, that I forgot where I started from and my individual strengths that got me this level.”

The reason for the success of CherryDTV, Dana feels, is her ability and willingness “to be me and that includes being goofy, fearless, exotic, all at the same time.” Her fans gush over her sensuality and resonate with her freedom to be herself. “[I like to engage with] my fans and followers. I try to make them a part of my world. I believe my positive energy and authenticity shines through my content allowing my viewing audience to relate on a personal level,” she shares.

Dana’s success seems to have an effortless quality to it. But the work that goes into creating and sustaining it requires tons of effort. She adds, “Those who are not working in social media underestimate how much of a full-time job it can be.” Dana appears to be comfortable with her success and hopes to continue her run with persistence, hard work, creativity, and fun.

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