On August 2, Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Stories. Inspired by Snapchat, users can upload behind-the-scenes photos and videos to their Instagram story that lasts only 24 hours. After that, it disappears, thereby keep the desired tone of your Instagram account.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom even admitted it was a clone of Snapchat by saying, “Let’s talk about the big thing. Snapchat pioneered a lot of this format. Whole parts of the concept, the implementation, down to the details…” Instagram was worried they were losing users to Snapchat who enjoyed capturing life’s moments. Instagram classic only offered the ability to share your favorite images. How do you post Instagram stories?

1. Open the camera and tap the “+” button.
2. Take a 10-second or less video and tap the pen icon to draw or the “Aa” button to type.
3. Swipe across the screen to filter.
4. Hit the tick icon to post.
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